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Please cite grant numbers:  NIH P30 AR048311 and NIH P30 AI27667

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  Role Expertise

John D. Mountz, MD, PhD


Experimental design, multicolor FACS data analysis, and oversight of projects; 4-8909

Enid F. Keyser, BS

CFCC Manager

FACS sorter and analyzers including, LSRII, FACSVantage, FACS Scan, FACS Calibur, and all other CFCC instruments;4-1362

Olaf Kutsch, PhD


Experimental Design, multicolor FACS data analysis, High throughput/High Content FACS analysis 4-1547

Troy Randall, PhD Co-Director

FACS sorter and analyzers including MoFlo, LSRII, FACSVantage, FACS Scan, FACS Calibur, CyAn; 5-3323

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