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Please cite grant numbers:  NIH P30 AR048311 and NIH P30 AI27667

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FlowJo software is available from TreeStar. We have a UAB site license.  All you need to do is to go here using the computeron which you will download Flowjo. At this website you will find instructions on how to retrieve the hardware address (HWA) of your computer.  You will submit this number to Treestar.  While you wait for them to send a serial number, choose the version of Flowjo which is compatible with your operating system, and download it to your desktop. When you receive the serial number, cut and paste it into the box that pops up when you open the Flowjo software. Entering the serial number should enable you to use Flowjo.  Enid will be notified as soon as you register your computer.  Enid will also have the HWA address for future reference.

         Any questions concerning problems with the FlowJo software should be directed to Jasper Katz (jasper@treestar.com) at Treestar.


For other available flow cytometry software, please see the information provided by the Flow Cytometry Facility of Salk Institute and by the Purdue Flow Cytometry Facility



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