Please cite grant numbers:  NIH P30 AR048311 and NIH P30 AI27667

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FlowJo software (Tree Star Inc.) is available through UAB flow cytometry core facility site license. This site license will enable users to acquire individual access to FlowJo by users at a greatly reduced rate compared to buying a license directly from FlowJo. Interested UAB researches may register your FlowJo account by filling the form here. The hardware address (HWA) for your computer can be retrieved by following the link in the form. Once submitted an email with information to download and activate the license will be received at your registered email account. Please email Sagar ( for any question concerning this process.

The shared cost for individual seat may vary from year to year and is dependent on the registered computers through UAB site license. Each individual lab will be responsible to cover the annual registration fee for each desktop download of FlowJo. The license has to be renewed yearly. The flow cytometry core facility will be sending a friendly annual renewal reminder for uninterrupted access to the software. For software support please contact FlowJo technical support at 1-800-366-6045 or email