Emily Courtman
Auburn University
Major: Pre-med/biology
Project: Changes in Transforming Growth Factor β Signaling and Activation with Stretching of Mouse Lung Epithelial Cells
Mentor: Namasivayma Ambalavan (nambalavanan@peds.uab.edu)

BreeOna Ebrecht
Northern Michigan University
Major: Pre-Med/psychology
Project: A Yeast Model for Development of CF Therapeutics
Publication: Holly EN, Ebrecht B, Prus AJ. The neurotensin-1 receptor agonist PD149163 inhibits conditioned avoidance responding without producing catalepsy in rats. Eur Neuropsychopharmacol. 2011 Jan 27.
Mentor: John Hartman (jhartman@uab.edu)

Josh Freda
Virginia Tech
Major: biology, minor in Spanish & chemistry
Project: Analysis of Hypothalamic Feeding Circuits in Response to Induced Loss of Primary Cilium in Adult Mice: ISH Characterization of NPY, POMC, AgRP and MCH mRNA
Mentor: Robert Kesterson (kesterso@uab.edu)

Rebecca Garrett
Liberty University
Major: molecular biology
Project: Novel Mechanisms for the Treatment of Breast Cancer: In Vitro and In Vivo Models
Mentor: Boris Pasche (Boris.Pasche@ccc.uab.edu)

Meredith Hubbard
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Major: molecular biology
Project: Determining the Presence and Localization of Septin2 and Tulp1 in Rod Cells
Mentor: Alecia Gross agross@uab.edu

Andrea Loes
Arizona State University
Major: microbiology
Project: Characterization of the Periplasmic Ferric Binding Protein of Mycobacterium smegmatis
Mentor: Michael Niederweis (mnieder@uab.edu)

QueenDenise Okeke
Columbia University
Major: psychology/statistics
Project: The Effects of Green Tea Component, EGCG, on Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells
Trygve Tollefsbol (trygve@uab.edu)

Jeremy Sheppard
Georgia Institute of Technology
Major: biomedical engineering
Project: Engineered Polycaprolactone and Cellulose Substrates for MCF-7 F-108 Co-cultures
Joel Berry (jlberry@uab.edu)

Aneesh Tyle
Vanderbilt University
Major: biomedical science
Project: 5-Hydroxytryptamine 1B Receptor (5-HT1B) Expression in the Human Caudal Brainstem in Major Depression
Mentor: Ilan Kerman (kerman@uab.edu)