Meredith Barefield
University of Southern Mississippi
Major: Biochemistry
Project: Differential   susceptibility of HPV positive and negative head and neck cancers to EGFR and   PARP inhibition
Mentor: Shih-Hsin (Eddy) Yang(
Susanna Basappa
University of San Francisco
Major: Biochemistry
Project: The Effects of Heparin   Aerosol on Chlorine Induced Lung Injury
Mentor: Sadis Matalon (
Sheila Bhavsar
University of Georgia
Major: Biology
Project: LRRK2 Role in   Neuroinflammation Associated with Parkinson's Disease
Mentor: Andrew West (
Yu-Rei (Raymond) Chang
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Major: Biological Sciences
Project: Down-regulation of   TNF-related signaling is associated with greater resistance training-induced   muscle regrowth among atrophied older adults
Mentor: Marcas Bamman (
Erin Feeney
Oakland University
Major: Biology
Project: MARCKS as a Promoter   of Cellular Senescence in Glioblastoma
Mentor: Chris Willey (
Stacey Harrison
Cornell College
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Project: Investigating   alternative mechanisms of translation initiation induced by flaviviral   infection
Mentor: Sunnie Thompson (
Valentine Nwachukwu
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Project: Small peptides as   treatments for Alzheimer’s disease
Mentor: Inga Kadisha (
Louis Porreca
University of Scranton
Major: Neuroscience
Project: The Combinatorial   Effects of AT-101, Tamoxifen, and Temozolomide on Glioblastoma Multiforme
Mentor: Kevin Roth (
Matthew Ratti
Rutgers University
Major: Biology
Project: Effects of Diprotin A   and Anti-CD122 on Bone Marrow Engraftment Efficiency in Humanized Cooley’s   Anemia Mice in the Absence of Cyto-Reductive Conditioning
Mentor: Tom Ryan (

Alexa Sughroue
Beloit College
Major: Biochemistry and Spanish
Project: Regulation of breast   cancer metastasis by SIN3A
Mentor: Doug Hurst (