Andrew Aristorenas
Christian Brothers University
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Project: Diabetes attenuates circadian clock output in the mouse heart
Mentor: Martin Young (

Patrick Blackmon
University of Alabama
Major: Biology
Project: Methuosis:  an intoxication cell death pathway to target deadly glioblastomas
Mentor: Kevin A. Roth (

Austin Clark
University of West Florida
Major: Biology/Pre-Professional
Project: Diet, exercise or both for improving obesity measures in children: a meta-analysis
Mentor: David Allison (

Steven Cochrun
Hendrix College
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Project: Adherent-invasive E. coli (AIED, LF82) potently activates inflammatory signals in blood monocytes, but not intestinal macrophages in normal subjects
Mentors: Philip Smith ( and Lesley Smythies (

Rebecca Crowther
Rowan University
Major: Biological Sciences
Project: Post-transcriptional regulation of CCK2 by HuR in a mouse model of spinal cord injury
Mentor: Peter King (

Charlene Farmer
Judson College
Major: Biology and Chemistry
Project: Differential impact of various fluorescent protein tagging on the subcellular localization of planar cell polarity protein Vangl2
Mentor: Jianbo Wang (

Brett Habermehl
American University
Major: Biology
Project: Genetic buffering of RNR2, the catalytic protein of the small subunit of ribonucleotide reductase, in S. cerevisiae
Mentor: John Hartman (

Riley Jay
Wake Forest University
Major: Biology
Project: Exploring the tole of G9a in hippocampus-dependent fear memory consolidation
Mentor: Farah Lubin (

Erin Katz
Brown University
Major: Biochemistry
Proejct: Independent effects of early life stress and aggression trait on cardiovascular function
Mentor: Ilan Kerman (

Breanna Lee
Mentor: Chenbei Chang (
James Madison University
Project: Regulation of neural and neural crest development by HP1-y
Major: Biology

Felicia Lombardi
Mentor: Sarah Clinton (
Emory University
Project: The developing serotonin system in rats that are susceptible vs resistant to the negative effects of early-life antidepressant exposure
Major: Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

Madeline McGrath
Mentors: James George ( and Anupam Agarwal (
Eckerd College
Project: Vascular smooth muscle ferritin deletion as a model for metabolic syndrome
Major: Biology

Matthew McCay
Mentor: Marcas Bamman (
University of Alabama
Project: Effects of osteoarthritis on muscle inflammation susceptibility in total knee arthroplasty patients
Major: Chemical Engineering

Andrew Merrill
Mentor: Debasish Chattopadhyay (
Thomas Moore College
Project: A structual and functional analysis of cryptosporidium parvum pyruvate kinase
Major: Biology

David Osula
Mentor: Steve Pittler (
Samford University
Project: Localization of cGMP-gated cation channel b subunit in mouse retina
Major: Biochemistry

Melissa Parrish
Mentor: Shannon Ross (
Lipscomb University
Project: Hearing and language outcome of cochlear implant patients with cytomegalovirus in the perilymph
Major: Molecular Biology