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Mission Statement

To understand, promote and respect diversity of background, culture, attitudes and experiences within our department to drive excellence in clinical care, research and surgical education.

Priorities and Goals

Assess Department

Analyze available data to take a deeper look at diversity including race, gender, sexual orientation, age, financial background and those determinants of under-represented groups.

Promote Accountability

Develop a method for anonymous reporting of episodes of micro/macro aggressions and/or discrimination within the department. Establish support networks for faculty, residents, and staff.

Encourage Collaboration

Work with program directors and division directions to increase diversity of the residency and mentor aspiring medical students to build a pipeline of potential trainees.

Make Policies

Develop a diversity policy for faculty recruitment.

Enhance Onboarding

Create an onboarding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion curriculum for new faculty hires, administrators and residents including micro/macro aggression bystander training curriculum and unconscious bias training.