Dr. Longino was Professor Emeritus of Pediatric Surgery and Director of the Division of Pediatric Surgery from 1968-1984.


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About Luther A. Longino

Luther Alvan Longino, M.D., was professor emeritus of pediatric surgery and director of the Division of Pediatric Surgery from 1968-1984.

Dr. Luther A. Longino

Longino, a native of Magnolia, Arkansas, attended Virginia Military Institute and Arkansas Agricultural and Mechanical College, and earned both his B.S. and M.D. degrees from the University of Arkansas. In 1938, he entered private practice in Magnolia, Arkansas, beginning an outstanding professional career which spanned 40 years.

Longino subsequently served as house officer, assistant resident, chief resident in surgery and surgeon at Boston Children's Hospital and held academic appointments on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.

In 1968, Longino joined the faculty of the University of Alabama at Birmingham as professor of surgery and director of the Division of Pediatric Surgery, as well as surgeon-in-chief at Children's Hospital in Birmingham.

During his 40 years of service to his patients, his students and his profession, Longino made significant and lasting contributions to the field of pediatric surgery.

Longino's professional reputation as a distinguished general pediatric surgeon is well known — not only on local and state levels, but also nationally — and his membership in many professional and scientific organizations verifies his credentials, while his numerous publications attest to his scholarly contributions to the literature.

Longino retired from the faculty of UAB in 1978 but continued his association with the University by serving as consultant to the Department of Surgery and to Children's Hospital.

In 1979, the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama named Longino professor emeritus of surgery and recognized the superb leadership and inspiration for excellence provided by Longino during his decade as a faculty member in the Department of Surgery, particularly during his tenure as director of the department's Division of Pediatric Surgery, expressing their heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Longino for his 10 years of highly meritorious service to UAB and to the health and welfare of the people of Alabama.