More than 20 students will join the Department of Surgery this summer to participate in one of three summer research programs hosted by the department every year:

  • SURE: Surgery Undergraduate Research Experience
  • PRISM: Pre-College Research Internship for Students from Minority Backgrounds
  • STREAMS: Short-Term Research Experiences Advancing Medical Students

These programs provide students with first-hand research experience under the mentorship of the department’s faculty and senior research staff. Students will also participate in a variety of learning experiences, including seminars, workshops and supplemental activities, such as clinical shadowing. At the end of the summer, the students from each program will present their research.

View the table below for a complete listing of all students and mentors participating in summer research programs this summer.






Dr. Sara Pereira/Dr. Rongbing Xie

R. Austin Blanton – Auburn University

Dr. Brenessa Lindeman

H. Caroline Davies – University of Texas – Austin

Dr. Britney Corey

Avery Denby – Morehouse College

Dr. Robert Dabal/Dr. Padilla

Chiemela Izima – Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Graeme McFarland

Adithya Menon – UAB

Dr. Melanie Morris

Lauren Moradi – UAB

Dr. Colin Martin

Cristina Sanchez – University of Puerto Rico

Dr. Daniel Chu

Nathan Wang – Auburn University

Dr. James Bibb

Callie Walls – UAB
(Honors Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Academy)

Dr. Herbert Chen

Yazen Shihab – UAB
(Honors Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Academy)


Dr. Colin Martin

Tosin Badewa – AL School of Fine Arts

Dr. Brenessa Lindeman

Kenya Barnes – Pensacola High School

Dr. James Donahue

Kayla Seals – Ramsay High School

Dr. Daniel Chu

Isabel Silwal – AL School of Fine Arts

Dr. Britney Corey

Chynna Wren – Chelsea High School


Dr. Jayme Locke

Amaris Elston

Dr. Colin Martin/Dr. Herbert Chen

Bethany Kennedy

Dr. Dean Assimos

William Poore

Dr. Babak Orandi/Dr. Jayme Locke

Joshua Purvis

Dr. Daniel Chu/Dr. Elmi Muller

Rachael Rainey

Dr. David Cooper

Syed Raza

Dr. Dean Assimos/Dr. Kyle Wood

Nikhi Singh

Dr. Melanie Morris/Dr. Selwyn Vickers

James Stewart