The Cooperative Human Tissue Network(CHTN) –Southern Division
at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is one of six member institutions funded by the National Cancer Institute to prospectively collect, process and distribute remnant human tissue specimens to IRB-approved biomedical researchers.  The CHTN operates through a shared networking system which allows investigators greater access to available research specimens.  CHTN offers a variety of preparation and preservation techniques to ensure investigators are receiving the quality specimens needed for research.  Remnant human tissue specimens (including normal, benign, malignant, or diseased) from routine surgical resections and autopsies are procured to the specifications of the investigator.  Frozen aliquots of fluid (serum, plasma, buffy coat, urine, saliva) as well as paraffin blocks and/or slides may also be made available.

Investigators interested in obtaining information about the CHTN and/or obtaining human tissue samples from the CHTN should go to the CHTN website, click on the Contact Us tab, and fill out the form.   A CHTN representative will contact you to discuss your research needs. Processing fees for CHTN specimens can also be found on the CHTN website.

Although the CHTN operates as a network, each CHTN division is responsible for primary coordination and intake of applications from investigators based upon the investigator’s geographic location as indicated: