The Department of Urology is hosting its annual Resident Research Day June 10, 2021. Residents will present their research virtually via Zoom.

Resident Research Day Brochure


Presenter Year Presentation Mentor
Brian Ceballos, M.D. PGY-1 Salvage Therapy for Localize Recurrences of Penile Cancer Adam Baumgarten, M.D.
Patrick Murray, M.D. PGY-1 Ranking Urology Residency Programs by Faculty Research Achievement Soroush Rais-Bahrami, M.D.
Luke Shumaker, M.D. PGY-2 Urethroplasty Antibiotic Data Patrick Selph, M.D.
    Penile Annular Entrapment Rescue Methods Patrick Selph, M.D.
Vijay Vishwanath, M.D. PGY-2 Hypospadias: Looking at the Role of Ditropan and Antibiotics in Patients with Distal Hypospadias - Outcomes with Complication and Cost Analysis Pankaj Dangle, M.D.
Milton Williams, M.D. PGY-2 Disparities in Telehealth in Urology Patrick Selph, M.D.
Andrew Fang, M.D. PGY-3 Multi-Institutional Analysis of Clinical and Imaging Risk Factors for Detecting Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer in Men with PI-RADS 3 Lesions Soroush Rais-Bahrami, M.D.
    Effect of Age, BMI, and Gender on Urinary Risk Factors in Pediatric Idiopathic Stone Formers Pankaj Dangle, M.D.
    Systematic versus Targeted MRI/Ultrasound Fusion Prostate Biopsy among Men with MRI- Visiible Lesions Soroush Rais-Bahrami, M.D.
Jennifer Rosen, M.D. PGY-3 Radiation Safety in Pediatric Videourodynamics David Joseph, M.D.
Kyle Gernarro, M.D. PGY-4 Cystic Lymphangioma Case Report Carmen Tong, D.O.
    Critical Examination of Indications for Urinalysis in the United States Peter Kolettis, M.D.
    Protocol for Outpatient Nephrostomy Tube Placement Patrick Selph, M.D.
Zachary Glaser, M.D. PGY-4 Single-Port versus Multi-Port Robotic Partial Nephrectomy: A Comparative Analysis of Perioperative Outcomes and Analgesic Requirements Soroush Rais-Bahrami, M.D.
    Sepsis Following Second Look Ureteroscopic Stone Removal Kyle Wood, M.D.
Robin Iriele, M.D. PGY-4 Stent Tracking Software Kyle Wood, M.D.
Michael Kongnyuy, M.D. PGY-4 Urodynamic Utilization in the Adult Spina Bifida Patient: An Institutional Review Tracey Wilson, M.D.
Ava Saidian, M.D. PGY-5 Salvage Therapy for Localized Recurrences of Penile Cancer Adam Baumgarten, M.D., MBA
    RCC and IVC Thrombectomy: Factors Impacting Survival Outcomes Charles Peyton, M.D.


Most Outstanding Research Presentation
Andrew Fang, MD