For many patients with rare mutations, conventional clinical trials are rarely an option. But UAB researchers are creating tests using patients' own cells that could give their doctors insight on how they would respond to new therapies.
Ivacaftor, a drug that has seen remarkable success in cystic fibrosis, could be a treatment for chronic bronchitis, a disease caused largely by smoking that affects millions in the United States.
microOCT imaging, a joint invention of UAB researchers and investigators at Harvard Medical School, "lets us see things no one has ever seen before."
UAB researchers find that higher daily caffeine consumption is linked to reduced pain sensitivity.
UAB research points to a new way to lower pre-term births: teach mothers the fundamentals of oral health.
mediKanren, an "analytic engine" designed by UAB researchers, can sift 97 million assertions in seconds to find new treatments for patients and research avenues for scientists.