Can genetic code help build next-generation solar cells and shrink our devices? Physicist Krishen Appavoo aims to find out with a new NSF grant.
Junior Karly Casey shares her UAB research journey and her summer at Brookhaven National Lab.
Doctoral student Kwaku Osei came to UAB to learn from top researchers in the dry eye field. His work focuses on a tear film component that could provide a new way to treat a growing vision problem.
After a series of breakthroughs that researcher Steven Rowe calls "one of the most remarkable stories in modern medicine," the majority of patients with cystic fibrosis can now be treated with highly effective therapies. The next step: adapting these treatments to COPD, asthma and a host of other conditions.
The "high-risk" decision to focus on fixing CFTR proteins, rather than the CFTR gene itself, has brought major improvements in lung function and quality of life.
Readthrough drugs, first proposed by UAB researchers in the 1990s, are already helping patients with some genetic diseases caused by nonsense mutations. They could eventually help millions worldwide.