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April 14, 2020
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2020 Partnership Research Summer Training Program   (PRSTP) 
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Cancer doesn’t care about equality, so this program encourages diverse scholars to care more about cancer

Poster and Abstract Award Winners 2019 at Cancer Research Symposium

Partnering Institutions

Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM)
Tuskegee University (TU)
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Contact - PI

MSM: James Lillard, PhD
   TU: Roberta Troy, PhD
UAB: Upender Manne, PhD

Program Managers

 MSM: Jennifer Creighton
     TU: Chiquita Lee
  UAB: Thomas Ramsey, PhD













Congratulations to Poster and Abstract Award Winners at 2015 Summer Institute!!

We are proud of the work our trainees accomplished this summer and were impressed with the quality of the research presented in the abstracts submitted, and the posters presented, at the 2015 Summer Institute by our HDRTP, SCRTP and PRSTP trainees:

 • Health Disparities Research Training Program - postdocs and junior faculty;

 • Summer Cancer Research Training Program - graduate students and Cancer Interns-undergraduate students,

• Partnership Summer Research Training Program - undergraduate students


To recap the awards presented at the Summer Institute this week:
The poster presentations are judged using the NIH Research Project Grant Applications 9 point scale critique on six areas:
1. Overall Impact
2. Significance and Health Disparities Relevance
3. Investigator
4. Innovation
5. Approach
6. Future Funding

Many thanks to the judges who reviewed the posters, to Dawn Fizer who assisted with the details of the poster competition, and all our the Partnership colleagues who make the Summer Institute happen.

2015 Summer Institute HDRTP Top 3 Poster Presenters are:
1st place:   Name: Deloris Alexander, PhD
                 Title: Assistant Professor and Director, IBS PhD Program, Tuskegee University
                 Poster Title: Autochthonous Flora and the Development of AOM-Induced Colon Cancer
2nd place:  Name: Indrajit Chowdhury, PhD, MS
                 Title: Instructor, Morehouse School of Medicine, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology
                 Poster Title: Prohibitin (PHB) Roles In Granulosa Cell Physiology
                 Mentor: Roland Matthews, MD
3rd place:  Name: Adriana Harbuzariu, MD 
                 Title: Postdoctoral Fellow, Morehouse School of Medicine, Microbiology, Biochemistry
                          and Immunology
                 Poster Title: Novel Adjuvant Therapy for Obesity Related Pancreatic Cancer
                 Mentor: Ruben Gonzalez, PhD

2015 Summer Institute SCRTP Top 3 Poster Presenters are:
1st place:   Name: Gregory Adams 
                 Title: PhD Candidate, Morehouse School of Medicine
                 Poster Title: The Regulation of the Microtubule Dynamics of TIP150 In Metastatic Breast Cancer Cell
                                    Migration Upon EGF Stimulation
                 Mentor: Felix Aikhionbare, PhD
2nd place:  Name: Jeronay King, MSCR
                 Title: Graduate Student, Morehouse School of Medicine
                 Poster Title: Enhancing Chemotherapeutic Efficacy of Breast Cancer using a Natural Agent 
                 Mentor: Shailesh Singh, PhD
3rd place:   Name: Courtney Dill, MSBR
                  Title: Pre-doctoral Student, Morehouse School of Medicine, Microbiology, Biochemistry,
                          and Immunology
                  Poster Title: The Efficacy and Toxicity of PEG-LPrA2: A Novel Adjuvant for Triple Negative
                                     Breast Cancer Treatment                  
                  Mentor: Ruben Gonzalez, PhD

2015 Summer Institute PRSTP Top 3 Poster Presenters are:
1st place:     Name: Saanyol Suswam
                   Title: Student Research Assistant, Miles College, Dept Natural Sciences & Mathematics 
                   Poster Title: The Effects of Phosphorylated Focal Adhesion Kinase on Renal Cell Carcinoma
                                     Development and Progression
                   Mentor: Sunil Sudarshan, MD
2nd place:    Name: Han Yu
                   Title: Student, UAB 
                   Poster Title: Evaluation of p27Kip-1 as a Urine-based Biomarker for Cancer Survivors
                   Mentor: Upender Manne, PhD
3rd place:    Name: Tangelia Hatch, BS
                   Title: Student, Alabama A&M University Poster Title: The Racial Differences in the 5-Year Survival
                               Outcome by the Histological Subtype of Cervical Cancer bsp;    
                   Mentor: Chandrika Piyathilake, PhD

2015 Summer Institute SCRTP Best Abstracts are:
              1. Name: Myles Davis
                  Title: Graduate Student, Tuskegee University Dept of Biology 
                  Poster Title: “Comparison of Treatment Decisions in African American vs. Caucasian Men with
                                    Prostate Cancer from a Single Institution”
                  Mentor: Roberta Troy, PhD
              2. Name: Courtney Dill, MSBR
                  Title: Pre-Doctoral Students Morehouse School of Medicine
                  Poster Title: “The Efficacy and Toxicity of PEG-LPrA2: A Novel Adjuvant for Triple Negative
                                      Breast Cancer Treatment”
                  Mentor: Ruben Gonzalez, PhD
              3. Name: DeBran Tarver, MPH
                  Title: Graduate Student, UAB Health Education and Promotion
                  Poster Title: “The Path from Symptoms to Treatment: The Process of the Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis”
                  Mentor: Michelle Martin, PhD; Maria Pisu, PhD
             4. Name: Allison Walsh, BS
                 Title: Graduate Student, UAB Environmental Health
                 Poster Title: “Mitochondrial DNA Background Alters Adipose Deposition in a Mouse Model
                                      of Breast Cancer”
                 Mentor: Scott Ballinger, PhD, MS

Morehouse School of Medicine, Tuskegee University, and UAB are providing the awards to the trainees who scored in the top three in the Poster Session:
             $200 (1st place)
             $150 (2nd place)
             $100 (3rd place)
The four Best Abstract winners each receive $100.

Congratulations to all of you! 



  • UAB’s Dr. Isabel Scarinci, featured on NCI’s Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD) news spotlight, “Ensuring Latina Immigrants Have Equal Breast and Cervical Cancer Care"

Dr. Scarinci, who was recently appointed the associate director for globalization and cancer at UAB’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, was also recently appointed honorary consul for Brazil by the U. S. Department of State. Dr. Scarinci’ s research efforts focus on establishing and sustaining efforts to ensure that Alabama’s African American and Latin American residents have appropriate access to cancer prevention and treatment. Her efforts to reduce cancer and health disparities also extend beyond state and national borders, as noted in her news feature. Recognized for her passion and leadership in community-based research, Dr. Scarinci infuses our Partnership with committed enthusiasm.

Please see the link below for more information on Dr. Scarinci’s CRCHD news spotlight –


Partnership investigator Dr. E. Shyam Reddy received several awards and recognitions.  They are:

Partnership investigators, Drs. Dan Blumenthal and Selina Smith, received an R01 grant to complete a 5-year colorectal cancer screening dissemination and implementation study in a consortium agreement with MSM.

      • Partnership Health Disparities Research Training Program (HDRTP) announced its selection of 2012 scholars (March 30, 2012)

Full list of the scholars can be found on HDRTP web site

      • Partnership Investigator Named Associate Director for Faculty Development and Education at UAB Division of Preventive Medicine (February 22, 2011)

A Partnership investigator, Dr. Isabel Scarinci, has agreed to serve as the UAB DIVISION OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE Associate Director for Faculty Development and Education.

      • Partnership Pilot Project Investigator Featured in UAB Article  (February 15, 2011)

An UAB article titled "Targeting Platelet Production could be Strategy in Ovarian Cancer Therapy" featured Dr. Charles Landen's cancer research work. 

      • Partnership Article Featured Online at Global Medical Discovery  (December 16, 2011)

An scientific article titled "Ubc9 mediates nuclear localization and growth suppression of BRCA1 and BRCA1a proteins" from Partnership team at Morehouse medical School was featured online at the Global Medical Discovery website.

  • Dr. Manne Named Associate Editor for BMC Cancer (November 15, 2011)
    Partnership member Dr. Upender Manne was named Associate Editor for BMC Cancer.  BioMed Central Cancer (http://www.biomedcentral.com/bmccancer/about) is a prestiege open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of cancer research, including the pathophysiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancers. The journal welcomes submissions concerning molecular and cellular biology, genetics, epidemiology, and clinical trials. journal.