The UAB Office of University Relations oversees UAB’s public relations functions, including integrated internal and external communications and media relations. A renowned public doctoral research university and academic medical center with a growing campus, vibrant student life, expansive impact in the community and a $5 billion annual economic impact in the state, UAB is committed to the creation and dissemination of knowledge that will change the world. University Relations recognizes the importance of the news media to an informed public and works with reporters to communicate significant developments, as well as information about our people, operations and outcomes. We regularly communicate about how our students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters are advancing all areas of our mission: education, health care, research, community service and economic development. In addition, Athletic Communications works with news media to communicate information specific to UAB Athletics.

The following policies and guidelines are intended to support the important work happening throughout the UAB community and facilitate constructive interactions with the news media:

• Interview requests, questions other inquiries of University Relations: 205-934-3884

  • After hours: Call 205-934-2599 and ask for the media specialist on call
• UAB Experts Guide:

• UAB News Online:

• Request Documents Under the Alabama Open Records Act: Email

Media on University Property

Members of the media often visit UAB to cover news and interview UAB students, faculty and staff. Reporters wishing to coordinate an interview or visit campus should call University Relations at 205-934-3884 for assistance (e.g., identifying and reaching the appropriate interview source or on-campus media escort) and necessary approvals.

Visitors to campus — including news media — should be aware that university property is not public space. UAB takes seriously its responsibility to maintain an environment in which important business can be conducted across all areas of the institution’s multifaceted mission — education, research, health care, community service and economic development.

University Relations must be notified before a member of the media enters UAB property. This includes any indoor and outdoor UAB property. University Police will stop and detain media without an approved escort until University Relations can be contacted to approve the activity or provide an escort. As visitors to campus, members of the news media are expected to abide by all parking and traffic ordinances. Requests for special parking accommodations can be made to University Relations, 205-934-3884.

UAB Buildings/Indoors/Parking Structures:Media must be escorted at all times in any UAB building by UAB University Relations staff or a University Relations-approved UAB employee. This includes parking structures.

UAB Property/Outdoors: Media must receive University Relations approval to access outdoor common areas like the Campus Green. Media has the legal right to be on City of Birmingham public sidewalks without approval but must contact University Relations to request permission and/or an escort to access on-campus outdoor areas including the Campus Green, UAB parking lots and common areas (e.g., parks and courtyards).

Emergencies and Special Circumstances: Though University Relations traditionally approves advance requests for still and video photography, in the event of an emergency, or to limit disruptions to normal university operations, news media may be restricted to certain areas of campus for filming or live broadcasting.

Photography and Video on Campus: Photos and video of campus are often provided to news media and can be accessed through University Relations (205-934-3884). Media wanting to shoot original content should contact University Relations for approval and/or an on-campus escort. Still or video images of campus may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes outside of scheduled news coverage without approval from University Relations.

UAB Student Media

Student Media may be offered special access to campus events or facilities in recognition of its unique role at UAB.

Expectations of the News Media

We kindly ask members of the news media to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner when contacting or interacting with members of the UAB community and when visiting campus. Please respect the comfort and privacy of our students, faculty, staff, patients and visitors. UAB reserves the right, in the best interest of the UAB community, to deny media members who do not adhere to these standards access to the campus, media events and UAB spokespeople.

UAB News Releases

Members of the media who do not receive UAB news releases but would like to be added to our distribution list(s) should email UAB Director of Public Relations Jim Bakken at UAB news stories can be accessed online at

Information for UAB students, faculty, staff and vendors/contractors

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