WBHM 90.3 FM wins 18 Alabama Associated Press awards

WBHM won first-place awards for Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast, Best Anchor, Best Specialized Reporter, Best Coverage of a Spot News Story, Best News Feature, Best Investigative Reporting, Best Lifestyle Feature and more.

WBHMaward2From left, WBHM's Gigi Douban, Janae Pierre, Mary Scott Hodgin, Michael Krall, Andrew Yeager, Sherrel Wheeler Stewart and Miranda Fulmore.Public Radio WBHM 90.3 FM won eight first-place Alabama Associated Press Media Editor awards, including the first-place award for Outstanding News Operation, at a ceremony held Saturday, June 1.

Public Radio WBHM 90.3 FM is a member-supported service of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

It is refreshing to work in a newsroom where the mission is clear: tell good stories that matter, says WBHM News Director Gigi Douban. 

“Our reporters put a lot of time and effort into their journalism, and it shows,” Douban said. “We’re truly honored to have received this special recognition. It’s a testament to the news staff’s tremendous talent, hard work and dedication.”

In addition to Outstanding News Operation, WBHM earned a total of 18 awards including:

  • Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast, First Place: Andrew Yeager.
  • Best Anchor, First Place: Andrew Yeager.
  • Best Specialized Reporter, First Place: Mary Scott Hodgin.
  • Best Lifestyle Feature, First Place: Gigi Douban, “Airline Lost Your Luggage? Here’s Where It Lands.”
  • Best News Feature, First Place: Gigi Douban, Janae Pierre and Sherrel Wheeler Stewart, “Confusion and Frustration Grow After Police Shooting at Alabama Mall.”
  • Best Investigative Reporting, First Place: Mary Scott Hodgin, “Conservation Groups Push for Faster Alerts on Sewage Spills.”
  • Best Coverage of a Spot News Story, First Place: “Confusion and Frustration Grow After Police Shooting at Alabama Mall.”
  • Best Reporter, Second Place: Andrew Yeager.
  • Best Use of Tape, Second Place: Andrew Yeager, “Birmingham Student Puts Braille Skills to the Test.”
  • Best Public Affairs or Documentary, Second Place: “The Senior Series.”
  • Best News Feature, Second Place: Janae Pierre, “Questions Loom Over Police Killing of Man Believed To Be a Gunman in Alabama Mall.”
  • Best Series, Second Place: “The Senior Series.”
  • Best Investigative Reporting, Second Place: Gigi Douban, “Why Birmingham-Southern Is Slashing Tuition.”
  • Best Use of Tape, Third Place: Mary Scott Hodgin, “Deaf Football Players Find Novel Ways To Communicate.”
  • Best Lifestyle Feature Third Place: Andrew Yeager, “How a Small Alabama Town Pioneered the First 9-1-1 Call.”
  • Best Coverage of a Scheduled Event, Third Place: Sherrel Wheeler Stewart and Andrew Yeager, “Birmingham Attorney, Coal Executive Found Guilty of Bribing State Lawmaker.”
  • Best General Sports, Third Place: Sherrel Wheeler Stewart, “James ‘Jake’ Sanders, Negro League Baseball Star.”
  • Best Reporter, Third Place: Mary Scott Hodgin.

“Smart journalists doing superb work — that’s what’s being recognized here, and it is what WBHM’s audience has come to expect,” said General Manager Chuck Holmes. “These awards reflect our deep commitment to our public service mission and a standard of quality journalism that we deliver every day.”

The Associated Press is a not-for-profit news cooperative representing 1,400 newspapers and 5,000 broadcast stations in the United States.