Join the UAB Smart Cities Research Center in helping shape Birmingham’s future

Alabama’s Smart Cities Hackathon to tackle urban challenges and offer solutions for a better future.
Written by: Katherine Shonesy
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smart cities hackathonThe University of Alabama at Birmingham Sustainable Smart Cities Research Center and the School of Engineering are partnering with Alabama Media Group, Auburn University and Code for Birmingham to host Alabama’s Global Smart Cities Hackathon from Feb. 20-22.

The hackathon is open to developers, students, researchers, business thinkers, policy analysts, journalists, designers, community organizers, urban planners — anyone interested in tackling today’s biggest urban challenges.

Hackathon participants will brainstorm ideas, design prototypes and present solutions that will help further the smart city concept, which focuses on using emerging technologies to enhance a city’s performance and well-being, reduce costs and resource consumption, and engage more effectively and actively with its residents. The Sustainable Smart Cities Research Center at UAB carries a similar mission, operating as an enabling platform for interdisciplinary collaboration to understand and transform the impact of urbanization at the scientific, economic and human levels.

Teams at the hackathon will compete for two prizes, and the two winning local groups will have two additional weeks to work on their prototypes to compete for an international prize.

The event will be held at Alabama Media Group in downtown Birmingham. Learn more about Alabama’s Global Smart Cities Hackathon and register online.