Educators, literacy experts and nationally renowned authors will address increasing literacy and improving literacy efforts in schools.
The yearlong ACDD project will train more than 200 USAF security forces and first responders to recognize and respond to people with autism or other developmental disabilities.
John Paul Jones Hospital, a 60-year veteran health care facility in Camden, Alabama, is in talks with the UAB Health System regarding a management agreement.
Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, the conversation with Kaplan and Matz will be rescheduled.
UAB School of Nursing faculty contributed to a field guide for health care, social service and law enforcement professionals.
Three grants from the U.S. Department of Education will help disadvantaged students to obtain baccalaureate and doctoral degrees.
UAB has a new, quick way to learn about what’s happening on campus. Watch "UAB This Week" every Friday morning for the latest stories you need to know.
UAB School of Nursing students, faculty and staff donate time to prepare MedHope Africa for Ugandan mission.
We interact with the working poor — the 8.6 million Americans with incomes below the federal poverty level — daily without knowing it. But some businesses target them with predatory practices. A group of UAB students took action to help, and the one-on-one encounters shattered their stereotypes.
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