UAB’s first Addiction Recovery symposium features thought leaders and inspirational stories.
A student-led startup company and product of the new UAB Commercialization Accelerator is profitable and moving into Innovation Depot.
Local companies are getting a boost from students in UAB’s Academic Small Business Alliance. The program matches students seeking career experience with companies needing additional brainpower to grow.
This week, a common blood pressure drug is revealed to be an effective therapy for Type I diabetes, a team from NSF is helping faculty and staff better understand how to commercialize their technology and work on the new intramural fields is nearly complete.
This week is all about a promising new viral immunotherapy for brain tumors in children. Plus, 18 new electric vehicle-charging stations have come to campus, and UAB's EITD contract with NASA has doubled to $50 million. See it online. All in one video.
Funding for freezer stowage units developed at UAB expanded through multi-year contract with NASA.
The new addition will bring the total number of electric vehicle charging stations available at UAB to 26.
The fair is open to students and professionals from around the state.
This week, UAB experts weighed in on the FDA's approval of cannabis-based drug CBD for epilepsy treatment. Plus, UAB Athletics is rolling out a new tailgating experience for the upcoming football season. And, remember, safety first when enjoying fireworks this July 4.
UAB students aid authorities in cybercounterespionage day in and day out, giving them “the best start on their careers that we can.”
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