Financial experts will provide complimentary consultations at financial education conference.
UAB and the Red Cross are honoring heroes with a blood drive highlighting the service of veterans and first responders.
Support those in need this spring by donating your gently used clothing to UAB's annual clothing drive.
Camp CSI: Birmingham  to be held June 25-29 —is designed to show high school students grades 10-12 the reality behind the forensic science depicted in such television dramas as "CSI" and "NCIS."
High school students grades 10-12 are shown the reality of 21st-century criminal investigation during this camp, to be held June 18-22 and July 16-20.
Babies are wearing red hats this month to shed light on congenital heart disease.
There are Bronze Stars awarded. And stars in the sky and on stage. The soccer field is getting major upgrades as Baseball gets ready for Opening Day. See it all in one video.
Lectures include cultivating compassion, the history of race and society in Nazi Germany and the Jim Crow South, and helping children in war-affected communities.
The award includes scholarship funding to the program to further Master of Science Health Administration students' firsthand experiences and education in health care.
A one-week mini-internship — to be held July 16-20 —where you can explore biochemistry, biophysics, and other interdisciplinary technologies.
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