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Nicole Wyatt

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Dermatology, infectious diseases, optometry, pediatrics, public health
Alfred A. Bartolucci, Ph.D., has been appointed professor emeritus of biostatistics

Because most years see low incidence rates of West Nile, vaccine research is challenging; UAB experts say reach for the DEET.

Forty-three students were presented with white coats.

Whitley is the first recipient of a new award from the NIH.

Exercise may help stave off treatment-related fatigue in cancer patients, study shows.

With less physical activity time than during the summer, the school year means kids need to eat balanced midday meals that won’t pack on the pounds.

A UAB initiative challenges city residents to devise solutions to area health issues and compete for grant funding to implement ideas.

More than a dozen infectious diseases are preventable, and children should be vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

School of Public Health dean named to list of 100 Awesome Deans of Public Health list.

The UAB Primary Care Clinic will promote reading and healthy eating for kids July 31.


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