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Autumn Tooms Cyprés, Ph.D.

Educational policy and politics • Educational leadership • Politics in higher education • Conflict resolution • Educational organization • Change leadership • Women in leadership • Social ju

Media Contact: Alicia Rohan,

AutumnCypresAutumn Tooms Cyprés, Ed.D.

School of Education 


Areas of expertise:

  • Educational policy and politics
  • Educational leadership 
  • Politics in higher education, primary and secondary education
  • Conflict resolution
  • Educatioinal organization 
  • Change leadership
  • Women in leadership
  • Social justice advocacy 



Cyprès is a former biology teacher and school principal whose line of inquiry focuses on the politics of education, change, and building bridges between those who prepare school leaders and those leading school systems. Her expertise lends to everyday leadership and change in schools. Cyprès translates theoretical knowledge in educational areas to practical everyday examples as a practitioner of her research. 

Her research focuses on the areas of educational administration, serving as a change agent and advocating for marginalized and diverse populations. Cyprès can comment on the intersections of politics and education. 



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