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Benjamin McManus, Ph.D.

• Driving safety in severe weather, including rain, ice and snow • Occupational impact on driving conditions • Sleep deprivation and driving performance •  Impact of stress on driving safety •  Distracted driving and driving performance • Injury prevention through workplace risk identification

Media contact: Brianna Hoge, 

candice dye experts2017Benjamin McManus, Ph.D.

UAB Trip Lab



Areas of expertise:

  • Driving safety in severe weather, including rain, ice and snow
  • Occupational impact on driving conditions
  • Sleep deprivation and driving performance
  • Impact of stress on driving safety
  • Distracted driving and driving performance
  • Injury prevention through workplace risk identification



McManus is the assistant director of the UAB Translational Research for Injury Prevention lab, where he manages and programs the TRIP lab’s state-of-the-art driving simulator. He graduated from UAB with a B.S. degree in psychology and biology and an M.A. and a Ph.D. in developmental psychology. His research focuses on occupational populations and their work’s impact on sleep and cognitive factors, which, in turn, impact driving performance. McManus is an expert in information processing, attention, human factors and driving safety in various populations.

Other research interests of McManus’ include the use of actigraphy, eye tracking and driving simulation programming. He has 26 publications across a variety of acclaimed journals, including Accident Analysis and Prevention, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, Journal of Sleep Research, and American Journal of Surgery.



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