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Stephen Watts, Ph.D.

Aquatic and marine science • Aquaculture • Medical application of aquatic animal models • Aquatic nutrition science

Media contact: Alicia Rohan, 

stephen watts experts2017Stephen Watts, Ph.D.

Department of Biology


Areas of expertise:

  • Aquatic and Marine Science
  • Aquaculture
  • Medical Application of Aquatic Animal Models
  • Aquatic Nutrition Science



Watts is widely known as an expert in aquatic science, with research interests in the areas of nutrition, health, obesity and longevity using primarily comparative aquatic animal models in studies related to human health. His research looks to understand growth, reproduction, physiology and biochemistry, endocrinology, and immunological responses of aquatic models to nutritional and environmental stressors. He is interested in those outcomes related to changes in body composition and the mechanisms as related to obesity and comorbidities.



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