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Traci Bratton

Traci Bratton

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Kathy Weise, O.D., MBA, FAAO, optometry

Pediatric eye care • Concussions • Effects of mild traumatic brain injuries • Ocular injuries

Aggressive blowing could lead to some pretty nasty consequences.
Nationally acclaimed history professor Jonathan Wiesen will join UAB in January 2019.
Upcoming SpaceX launch to include one of three new rapid-freeze devices for future International Space Station missions.
The first guest presenter for the inaugural Cancer Center Grand Rounds is an internationally recognized expert in epigenetics in cancer.
Change, or overcoming inertia in health care, is difficult but essential to deprescribing harmful medications and making effective medications available to individuals who need them.
But how much THC, short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, can the human mind really handle? Is there a limit?
Pre-exposure prophylaxis — PrEP for short — has been shown to be highly effective at preventing HIV's spread.
The FDA's approval of Epiliodex could open the door for increased research of cannabis-based therapies, says UAB researcher.
Security tips on protecting your identity during online and in-store holiday shopping sprees.
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