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The Center for Psychiatric Medicine at UAB celebrates 25 years as a leader in mental healthcare.
Published in Health & Medicine
New UAB research says sensory adjustments, such as turning down the lights and reducing noise levels, can improve behavior on high-acuity psychiatric units.
Published in Research

Department of Pediatrics

Among Dye's areas of expertise:

Water safety and children • Traveling with children • Infant safe sleep

Published in Parenting & Education
A mechanism through which circadian clocks in neurons encode external daily rhythms of excitability allows pacesetter neurons to communicate with the rest of the body via electrical impulses, with possible implications in understanding and treating mood disorders.
Published in Research

UAB is set to open a mental health clinic July 20 that will improve access to care for those who identify as LGBTQ.

Published in Campus

From planning, to traveling, to coordinating daily schedules while on vacation – the break from work may not be enough to help mental wellbeing. 

Published in News You Can Use

A UAB study examines whether bipolar disorder can be treated with monthly rather than daily doses of a drug to boost compliance – now enrolling patients.

Published in Health & Medicine

The benefits of massage therapy are both physical and mental; while some are immediate, others accumulate over time.

Published in Health & Medicine

Division of Gerontology, Geriatrics and Palliative Care

Areas of expertise: Aging, Ambulatory Geriatric Care

Published in Medicine & Wellness

Department of Health Care Organization and Policy

Division of Memory Disorders, Department of Neurology

Published in Medicine & Wellness

Department of Neurology

Published in Medicine & Wellness
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