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Department of Anthropology

Department of Ophthalmology

Areas of expertise: Eye Health

Division of Preventive Medicine

Areas of expertise: Addiction

Department of Finance

Areas of expertise: Financial Education, Budgeting, Personal Finance, Money Management, Finance for Underserved Communities

Department of Biology

Areas of expertise: Aquatic and Marine Science, Aquaculture, Medical Application of Aquatic Animal Models, Aquatic Nutrition Science

Department of Biology

Areas of expertise: The Biology of Aging, Evolution, Ecology of Infectious Diseases, Scientific Communication, Longevity of Life

Department of Communication Studies

Professor of Biostatistics

Areas of expertise: Diet & Stroke, Southern-style Diet, REGARDS, Vitamins, Dietary Changes, Diet Fads, Diabetes & Diet, Diet Needs of Athletes

Division of Cardiovascular Disease

Areas of expertise: Heart Health, Obesity

Department of Nutrition Sciences

Areas of expertise: Obesity, Diabetes, Nutrition

Department of Communication Studies

Department of Political Science & Public Administration

Department of Biology

Areas of expertise: Epigenetics, Diet and Cancer Prevention, Gene Regulation, Underlying Mechanisms of Cancer and Aging, Novel Therapeutic Approaches to Cancer

Department of Ophthalmology

Areas of expertise: Eye Health

Department of Nephrology

Areas of expertise: Incompatible Kidney Transplant, Diabetic Nephropathy, Infusion Therapy, Living Donor Kidney Transplantation, Renal Transplant, Paired Donation Programs

Department of Epidemiology

Areas of expertise: Stroke, Heart Health, Cohort Research, REGARDS, Biostatistics, Health Disparities

Department of Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering

Areas of expertise: Traffic Planning & Operations, Transportation Safety, Pedestrian Behavior & Safety, Driver Distraction, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Sustainable Transportation Systems, Evacuation Methods

Division of Gynecologic Oncology

Areas of expertise: Ovarian Cancer, Gynecological Cancers, Women's Health, HPV Vaccine

Nutrition Sciences

Areas of expertise: Obesity, Nutrition, Cancer, Women's Health

Division of General Internal Medicine

Areas of expertise: Women's Health, Men's Health, Rural Health

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