Statewide Moment of Silence to honor 12,000 lost to COVID-19

The death toll from COVID-19 in Alabama has topped 12,000, with more than 640,000 deaths nationwide.

Grace Marett, RN (Registered Nurse, Medical Nursing), Shelby Roberts, RN (Registered Nurse, Medical Nursing), and Meghan Kelly (Certified Respiratory Therapist, Respiratory Care) are wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) face shields, face masks, and gowns while tending to a COVID-19 patient being treated at UAB Hospital for COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease), December 2020. The death toll from COVID-19 in Alabama has topped 12,000, with more than 640,000 deaths nationwide.
(Photography: Amanda Chambers)
Next Tuesday, Sept. 7, at 12 p.m., the University of Alabama at Birmingham will join with the Alabama Hospital Association in observing a statewide moment of silence to remember the more than 12,000 Alabamians lost to COVID-19.  

All Alabamians are encouraged to participate from wherever they are that day in remembering not only those who have died, but also those who are currently suffering with COVID, the families of those affected and the health care workers caring for them. Employees at UAB Hospital and UAB Medicine’s outpatient facilities will participate in the observance, along with hospital staff and physicians from across the state.  

“The Delta variant is causing unprecedented devastation and grief in Alabama,” said Donald E. Williamson, M.D., president of the Alabama Hospital Association. “We had hoped that we’d be in a better place this fall; but our hospitals are full, and families across the state continue to deal with tremendous loss. Our dedicated health care workers are under incredible physical and emotional strain, yet still are giving all they have to care for their patients. Likely, all of us know someone who has been negatively impacted by COVID-19, and we would like to take a moment to pause and remember these individuals.”

To date, Alabama has lost 12,283 individuals to COVID-19, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health. “Seeing the dramatic loss of lives and the awful sickness caused by the virus has been extremely challenging for our hospitals and their staff and physicians, and we thought it might be helpful and healing for us all to have a few collective minutes of silent reflection and prayer,” Williamson said. “We urge others across the state to join us on Tuesday.”