Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf has broken away from the mainland, resulting in a one-trillion ton iceberg.
Antarctic research could reveal significant changes in continent’s ecology.

UAB biologist Charles Amsler to join NSF’s Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems (AOE) program as a rotator for the Division of Polar Programs (POLAR).

The expedition's website highlights the research, daily trials and musings of the 2013 UAB Antarctica team.

UAB teams with philanthropic cruise to facilitate first live Adelie penguin cam to help scientists and students around world see the impacts of climate change.

Antarctica expert, author McClintock to sign new book Oct. 5.

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The marine biologist will discuss the changing polar ecosystem at an event Sept. 28.

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McClintock’s book is based on his adventures and discoveries during 20 trips made while researching the White Continent.
Published in Faculty Excellence
April 15, 2011

McClintock, James

Endowed Professor of UAB Polar or Marine Biology

Areas of expertise: Marine science, global warming, climate change, Southeastern U.S. marine life

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