Best of 2015 2UAB researchers have found automated and human verification for voice-based user authentication vulnerable, and explore how an attacker in possession of voice audio samples could compromise a victim’s security, safety and privacy.
International award honors computer information sciences professor’s project.
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A growing number of researchers, from computer scientists to philosophers, are taking an interest in the "artificial artificial intelligence" offered by Amazon's microwork platform.
By training computers to pick out timing clues in medical records, UAB machine learning expert Steven Bethard, Ph.D., aims to help individual physicians visualize patient histories, and researchers recruit for clinical trials.
The Aura cloud computing system, designed by UAB computer scientist Ragib Hasan, Ph.D., could turn the Internet of Things into the Internet of Cha-ching.
Researcher’s approach allows the phone’s weakest security component — the user — to become its strongest defender.
Social informatics research honored at international conference.
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Looking forward to a promising 2015, UAB News revisits some top stories of 2014.
Computer and Information Sciences researchers introduce a secure framework for protecting users while employing apps accessing location information.
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UAB researchers identify fundamental problems with a popular technology for securing communications over the Internet and reveal automated mimicry attacks that enable wiretapping.

UAB’s CIA|JFR joins top universities to help combat cybercrime.
Comcast grant will allow faculty member to further online security and usability research.

UAB researchers are investigating game-based verification that may improve computer security and reduce user frustration compared to typical “type-what-you-see” CAPTCHA tools that use static images.

Sloan and Bangalore assume leadership positions for CIA|JFR.
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Alabama consumers can better respond to cases of identity theft when equipped with knowledge of reporting process.
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UAB is reaffirmed as National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense Research.
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Ragib Hasan’s innovative project is bringing textbooks to visually impaired Bangladeshi children.
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An innovative solution for safeguarding personal information relies on your proximity instead of your memory.
Contest at UAB will test prowess of Alabama’s top high school computer programmers. 
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Birmingham will let its light shine even brighter this year as Light Dreams returns, with jaw-dropping digital projections, live music and out-of-this-world interactive art installations.
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