Studies in recent years had suggested that cilia regulate vital processes including growth, appetite, mood, healing and vision.

UAB may have found a new approach to countering widespread, cholesterol-related disease in blood vessels.

Parents beware: Children’s eye injuries, often from organized sports or swimming, go up in summer.

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Only 61 percent of adults with high cholesterol were aware of their diagnosis, according to the study.

An abnormal heartbeat, known as atrial fibrillation, is associated with memory and thinking problems, according to new published research.
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Children and teens living in the Stroke Belt states are at about twice as much risk of stroke later on in life according to new findings from the REGARDS study.

New study in European Heart Journal contradicts a recent study in the same publication, suggests evidence is lacking that digoxin increases mortality as atrial fibrillation treatment.

Should further studies confirm its effect, 200-year-old drug may represent cutting-edge heart failure treatment.

If you exercise, eat right and don’t smoke, a history of heart disease in your family can still put you at risk — even if you are a female.

Gerald McGwin, Ph.D., is also associate director of the Department of Ophthalmology’s Clinical Research Unit.

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Interested students are invited to learn more about the epidemiology curriculum.

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This candy-centric holiday can still be enjoyed by all who observe it — but in a way that makes the heart much happier.

An eye care census in Alabama highlights the need for more eye care providers in rural areas and more minority providers.

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Exercise may help stave off treatment-related fatigue in cancer patients, study shows.

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What you have for breakfast might help, or hurt, your body’s efforts to burn fat later in the day, say UAB researchers hoping to learn more.

Arnett is the fifth UAB faculty member installed as president of the American Heart Association.

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Kaslow taught multiple subjects during his career at UAB.
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The University of Alabama Health Services Foundation General Endowment Fund awarded grants to aid research across UAB.

Seth Landefeld named chair of the School of Medicine’s largest department with 400 faculty and $100 million in research funding.

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Limiting sodas and sports drinks to two a week, eating more fish and cutting back on salt are all good ways to eat for a healthy heart.

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