Poster sessions and guest lecturers aim to celebrate Darwin’s legacy.
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The computer brains inside autonomous vehicles will be fast enough to make life-or-death decisions. But should they? A member of UAB’s national championship-winning Bioethics Bowl team — and the team’s coach, a renowned bioethicist — weigh in on a thorny problem of the dawning robot age.
A growing number of researchers, from computer scientists to philosophers, are taking an interest in the "artificial artificial intelligence" offered by Amazon's microwork platform.
When machines and brains mix, who's in charge? This is the type of problem pondered by neuroethicists such as UAB's Josh May, Ph.D., who examine questions at the crossroads of neuroscience and ethics.
Here’s a look at the many fellowships, scholarships, honors and awards earned by the talented 2015 spring graduates at UAB.
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UAB beat out teams from universities including Dartmouth, UCLA, Georgetown and Rutgers to win national championship in bioethics.
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UAB’s Ethics Bowl team, which won the Southeast regionals, advanced to the national College Ethics Bowl for the first time since 2012.
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The Department of Art and Art History has created a large-scale installation of more than 1,000 flags, which will be on exhibit in the AEIVA’s Sculpture Garden.
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“What’s the Big Idea?” brings philosophy questions to the everyday.
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The book, which was first published in 1990, includes an in-depth look at famous past medical ethics cases.
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Two UAB students were awarded two of the 23 national scholarships, given annually.

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Senior Mallick Hossain hopes to study health economics at Oxford University.
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The College of Arts and Sciences faculty will host the first in a series of interdisciplinary forums aimed at solutions to global issues.

June 18, 2014

Pence, Gregory

Professor and chairman of the Department of Philosophy

Area of expertise: biomedical ethics

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Taking on hot-button issues, future doctors bring home national championship in their first try
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