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Starting from scratch rather than continuing to build on a faulty foundation
Policy and government affairs director set to speak at UAB on changes coming to maternal and child health policy upon Donald Trump’s presidency.
Stefan Kertesz, M.D., says a better understanding of what caused and what sustains the opioid epidemic is needed among policymakers and physicians to best serve patients and address the crisis.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham will help investigate the influence of environmental exposures on children’s health from conception through early childhood.
Researchers at UAB look to integrate health care within rural communities to improve care for children.
Sara Rosenbaum, J.D., presents lecture on The Search for a National Child Health Policy: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges at UAB on March 3.
A UAB study found that minority Americans who encounter discriminatory sentiments and actions are more likely to experience panic attacks, and smoking or consuming excessive amounts of alcohol were also identified as factors.