The paper analyzed articles published in the scientific and popular press to separate myths from evidence-supported facts when it comes to obesity.
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The largest-ever multicenter, prospective study on the safety of bariatric surgery among adolescents finds they face few short-term complications.
Counting carbs, exchanging candy for other treats and saving it for dessert are all alternatives for parents to consider.
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Shevde-Samant has been elected a member of the Chemo/Dietary Prevention Study Section for the Center for Scientific Review

How early obesity develops and how long someone is obese significantly impacts the development of coronary artery calcification.
Active kids and sugary snacks can spell trouble for teeth during the summer.
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Only 61 percent of adults with high cholesterol were aware of their diagnosis, according to the study.

UAB’s popular EatRight weight management program has introduced new hours, classes, recipes and more.

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With warmer weather come opportunities to wear shorts and swimsuits, and many focus on weight loss; these diet and exercise tips from experts can help.
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A UAB study links the Mediterranean diet to better memory.

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UAB experts share tips on making physical activity fun this summer.

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Previous data has shown that areas of the south — specifically Mississippi and Alabama – are the fattest in the U.S. But new data from the REGARDS study proves this wrong.

It’s three months into 2013, and summer is just around the corner. UAB experts offer tips on getting back on track with health behavior changes promised earlier this year.
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Chronic inflammation can lead to chronic diseases, but it can be reduced naturally through the proper diet.
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There are endless opportunities to spend a small fortune on a box of pills promising to ease hunger and help lose weight – but they may not be safe, so try natural techniques.
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UAB experts say dining out can be costly with both finances and weight; packing a lunch can help improve both.
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Given the opportunity to earn incentives, employees will use the stairs more often, and thus improve their health, according to UAB study.

Simple steps can make a big difference for heart health at restaurants.

UAB researchers publish study that says exercise in moderation yields the best results.

Repeat midurethral sling surgery can improve quality of life in women with recurrent stress urinary incontinence who have already undergone the procedure.

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