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This work will focus on a protein that is unique to the eye and is required for sight.

This is the only tie for first place in the history of the competition.

Jack L. Schaeffer, O.D., has served as an adjunct faculty member in the school.

Two scholarships are named for alumni and one is named for a symposium that includes alumni.

John F. Amos, O.D., who joined the UAB faculty in 1972 and served as the School of Optometry dean from 2000-2009, will join elite group of optometrists.

UAB cancer expert provides the deeper understanding on summer skin protection from UV rays, offers helpful tips.

Among the scholarships are one created by Dean Rod Nowakowski, O.D., and Debi Nowakowski, Ph.D.

Carrots get all the attention for eye health, but there are several other foods and nutrients that can help.
Students in UAB’s professional schools team to screen elementary-age children for health concerns, learn about interprofessional collaboration.

The program’s goal is to meet the needs of children with deaf-blindness.

Forty-three students were presented with white coats.

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