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UAB experts say having a plan , setting specific goals and keeping track of progress are great action items to keep in mind when making resolutions for the new year.
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UAB will create a labyrinth on the floor of the Holmes Pavilion to promote wellness and healing for patients, family and staff.
UAB Wellness conference will cover topics including Big Data, population health, work-life balance, trends in benefit design evolution and more.
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On one of the nation’s most diverse campuses, UAB’s commitment to providing appropriate resources and services to support each student’s success and ability to overcome challenges was the theme of Monday’s Supporting Trans Students mini-conference.
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Join UAB Employee Wellness for the annual Blazer Fun Run on Sept. 19.
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UAB received the Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite and Worksite Innovation Award recognition.

Join the ASC for this unique event, celebrating farm-fresh food followed by a concert of original, meaningful songs that celebrate American farmers.

UAB Wellness is conducting “Green Screens” every Friday this summer to help gauge cardiovascular health and provide direction when setting achievable health goals.

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A new residence hall and a consolidated student health center are planned for UAB’s campus.

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The UAB Courage Network provides an opportunity for employees who are newly diagnosed to lean on survivors for support.

World-renowned experts in health and wellness topics will come together Nov. 14-15 to help employers fashion their own programs targeting employee health.

The Blazer Fun Run will be Saturday, Oct. 13.

Facing an injury or other health challenge does not have to sideline your future; UAB experts say the way you handle it can teach you a valuable life skill.

Persistence and sacrifice are central to success, says UAB expert who competed on the world stage as a teen.

Olympians offer a glimpse of non-traditional sports — and cool ways to have fun and excel.

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UAB earns the American Heart Association's new Worksite Innovation award, wellness recognition.