"Realizing that females likely process pain differently than males will allow us to focus on creating alternate pain therapies for each sex," said researcher Robert Sorge, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology in UAB's College of Arts and Sciences.
Most current estimates suggest that 10 percent of all eating disorders occur in males, but at least one study from Harvard University suggests that the real figure may be closer to 25 percent.
hat plan reaches for excellence in the dental educational experience, enhances its diversity, broadens its capacity to help others in communities throughout the state, and adds to its degree, certificate, and fellowship programs.
Placebo research sounds like an oxymoron. Placebos are the stooges of medicine, the character in any clinical trial that everyone is rooting against. But they also have some remarkable properties.
Foods high in fats have long been put into the “unhealthy” category by nutrition experts, but UAB researchers believe this may have been all wrong, all along.

UAB ophthalmologists have dinner in the dark to gain better understanding of what it means to be vision-impaired.
UAB School of Education honors children’s and young adult book author Jacqueline Woodson and UAB alumnus Tsuguhiko Kato at 26th annual Midsouth Reading and Writing Conference.
Convergence insufficiency can be mistaken for attention deficit disorder because the inability to focus eyesight can lead to reading and attention problems.
The online MPH from the UAB School of Public Health ranked second out of about 70 programs nationwide.
Literacy has a new definition: reading and writing plus math, technology and health care, among other subjects. Discover how the Maryann Manning Family Literacy Center in UAB’s School of Education takes a comprehensive approach to help Alabama children and families succeed at work, at home and in the community.
he majority of existing research shows that men and women have different sensitivity to pain, with women being more sensitive to pain overall, but the assumption has always been that a common pain circuit exists in both sexes that is altered by circulating hormones such as estrogen.
Magnolias are prized for their large, colorful, fragrant flowers. Does the attractive, showy tree also harbor a potent cancer fighter? Yes, according to a growing number of studies, including one from VA and the University of Alabama at Birmingham that is now online in the journal Oncotarget.
Over the past decade, cancer programs have made major investments in patient navigation, yet few have been able to demonstrate a measurable impact on the quality and cost of care. That’s why we were excited to see a preliminary study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) showing the impact of their lay navigation program on health care utilization and costs.
"Because our observations were limited to a four-week period, we are not sure whether neurodegeneration associated with α-synuclein is truly prevented or just delayed," senior author Andrew West, Ph.D., and colleagues wrote. "Either way, any interruption of neurodegeneration associated with Parkinson's disease might represent a significant therapeutic advance."
A UAB researcher focusing on the epigenetics of drug abuse wins a significant funding award from the National Institutes of Health.
"Caring for our eyesight should be a priority year-round, but there are extra precautions that should be taken during the summertime," said Adam Gordon, O.D., MPH, FAAO, clinical associate professor in the UAB School of Optometry.
The first test in a mammalian model of a potential new class of drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease shows abatement of neurodegeneration in the brains of test rats and no significant toxicities.
A compound from the magnolia flower that has been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine to treat anxiety can also be used to shrink tumors in head and neck cancers, according to a recent study.
Male and female mice use different immune cells to process chronic pain, indicating that different therapies for different genders could better target the problem.
The school aims to continue offering students cutting-edge opportunities by expanding educational programming, enhancing diversity, growing research dollars and broadening its capacity to help Alabama’s underserved.
Free public event will allow teen girls to learn how to be successful in today’s world.
Environmental factors like pool and ocean water seem harmless, but they can actually affect eye health. UAB experts break down how to stay safe this season.
One year after opening its downtown urgent care clinic at Station 121, UAB has expanded its space at the mixed-use development.
Stylish women know that the secret to appearing effortlessly chic is to value comfort. Not to mention, a recent study by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that the incidence of high heel-related injuries doubled between 2002 and 2012.
The contract announced this week extends UAB's key role in space research like NASA's year-long "twin study." It's UAB's job to get the blood and urine samples gathered in space for the study back to Earth cold enough to prevent biological changes.
People attend a candlelight memorial by the UAB College of Arts and Sciences to remember the lives lost in the June 17 shooting at the Emmanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, S.C.
"If you want to measure distances well, you really need an accurate clock," said Clayton Simien, a National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded physicist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who works on atomic clocks.
Ten weeks of intensive reading intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder was enough to strengthen the activity of loosely connected areas of their brains that work together to comprehend reading, University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers have found.
The Freedom Exhibition: Two Countries One Struggle, is one of three exhibitions currently on display at the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts.
The drug inhibits the activity of a kinase enzyme called LRRK2, and it showed no pathology in rat lungs, kidneys or livers.
Use of a risk characterization approach served as an indirect way to contextualize the safety profile of Xeljanz, a Janus kinase inhibitor, in patients with rheumatoid arthritis vs. the safety profile of tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitors, according to research.
For a large number of participants in these "open-label" placebo trials, knowing that their "treatment" is an inert pill doesn't stop them from feeling relief.
Ten weeks of intensive reading intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder was enough to strengthen the activity of loosely connected areas of their brains that work together to comprehend reading, researchers have found.
At the University of Alabama at Birmingham Alzheimer's Risk Assessment and Intervention Program, if you are between 45 and 65 you can get an assessment and walk away with a numerical estimate of your chances for developing dementia within the next 20 years.
Even if you're a decade or two shy of the big 5-0, chances are your feet have seen more than their fair share of abuse — especially if you wear high heels on a regular basis.
New research conducted at UAB may stave off the emergence of treatment-resistant gonorrhea and add another weapon to the arsenal for treating the sexually-transmitted infection.
Heaton will help oversee the scientific peer-reviewed journal Workplace Health and Safety: Promoting Environments Conducive to Well-Being and Productivity.
Abou-Arraj’s fellowship will involve developing a novel technology of a targeted delivery of growth factors to dental implant and root surfaces.
The LIBERATE Study will further investigate the Eclipse System, the first vaginal insert designed to provide bowel control.
Hundreds of students will present academic pursuits in cutting-edge research topics.
UAB offers two national clinical trials with customized treatment for lung cancer patients.
Best of 2015 2The intensive intervention was four hours a day, five days a week, for a total of 200 hours of face-to-face instruction, and neuroimaging revealed brain connectivity changes.
An experimental drug that mimics a hunger-signalling hormone can protect memory in mice with Alzheimer’s disease, scientists have found.
David Becker, a health economist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said Medicare data can help spot possible fraud by comparing payments among different health care providers.
Last year, alprazolam was found in 29 percent of DUI cases, compared to 23 percent for marijuana. The percentage of DUI cases caused by alprazolam has held steady for the past three years, according to the data.
More than 123,300 heel-related injuries were treated in emergency rooms in the United States from 2002 to 2012, with the rate doubling during that 10-year span, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Injuries by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
A series of fascinating studies showed that many people respond positively to placebo pills — even when they are told that the pills don't have any active ingredients. Researchers are now testing these "open-label" placebos for the first time among cancer survivors.
Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that long-term administration of a drug that is similar to the hormone ghrelin protected Alzheimer’s disease-model mice from memory deterioration, despite a high-glycemic-index (GI) diet.
Parent-teen contracts are a useful way to set rules about what is allowed/not allowed with regard to driving.
One of the hottest issues in State Houses this year was Common Core, national math and language arts standards released in 2010 and adopted by most states.
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