When machines and brains mix, who's in charge? This is the type of problem pondered by neuroethicists such as UAB's Josh May, Ph.D., who examine questions at the crossroads of neuroscience and ethics.
Becker’s Hospital Review lists UAB Hospital as third-largest in the nation.
Until now, no toxin had been found in 132 years of study for the deadly pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which infects 9 million people a year and kills more than 1 million. The novel toxin induces necrotic cell death of macrophages to help the tuberculosis pathogen escape and spread to other cells.
Play is an important part of child development, and a UAB student research project shows that disparities exist between play spaces depending on where one lives.
Colleges have always had crime: "violence and vandalism and all the various things that happen when you put a bunch of relatively young people together in a relatively small space," said John J. Sloan III, a professor of criminology and sociology at the University of Alabama Birmingham who studies campus crime.
Do you roam city sidewalks with your nose buried in your phone, oblivious to what's going on around you? If so, you may want to look up and start paying attention.
ROSA offers patients, and their physicians, a unique advantage over traditional surgical approaches: It can do the job with a lot of little holes as opposed to one very large opening.
Sorge honored as a young leader in the field of pain research and neuroscience by national organization.
Area CPAs can earn CPE credits at summer seminars hosted by UAB.
Academic advisors from the Collat School of Business and College of Arts and Sciences recognized nationally for their contributions to the improvement of advising services.
Best of 2015A new surgical robot helps UAB physicians add a new technique for preparing for epilepsy surgery.

Phillip D. Smith, M.D., has been awarded a two-year, $200,000 grant from the DeGregorio Family Foundation to study the bacteria in children’s stomachs that potentially protects them from stomach cancer.
From Becker's Hospital Review
UAB is listed as the third largest hospital in America by number of beds.
With the 2011 Alabama tornado catastrophe still lingering in the minds of many, University of Alabama at Birmingham research has led to the creation of new technology designed to help save lives in a natural disaster.
What’s the cure for America’s overcrowded prisons? UAB criminal justice students went behind bars and into courtrooms to explore promising solutions. Discover what they experienced while working with inmate mothers and military veterans receiving a second chance — and learn how the projects changed both attitudes and career goals.
The therapy is intended for children who can read aloud well but struggle to understand the meaning of the text.
ipton plans to continue SRI’s work in drug development, the defense world and clean energy, while also increasing collaboration with UAB and boosting commercialization efforts from the research that takes place at the institute.
The School of Education looks to enhance learning outcomes, health and wellness of P-12 population, as well as of adults in Alabama and around the world.
As UAB football supporters revel in the eventual return of the sports program, George Munchus is flooded with memories from the team's earliest days.
UAB professors who developed a new area of translational cardio-renal research are among 15 professors identified as today’s leaders in the field.
Smita Bhatia, M.D., M.P.H., director of UAB's new Institute for Cancer Outcomes and Survivorship, explains how cancer treatments can lead to chronic health conditions in later life — and how "survivorship clinics" will help.
Naloxone kits have prevented more than 10,000 deaths from opioid overdose since local distribution programs began in 1996. Now, as deaths from opioid overdose reach an all-time high in the United States, a crowdfunded project from UAB researchers aims to put naloxone in the hands of those at highest risk.
Alzheimer's disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. One in three seniors will die with it. Yet almost half of the people with Alzheimer's and their caregivers never know they have it.
The UAB panels were approved by the National Storm Shelter Association to hold up against an EF5 tornado.
The latest award is one of several grants the organization has presented to Dr. Gregory Friedman, an oncologist who treats brain tumor patients at Children's of Alabama.
The syndrome is called thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, or TTP, and treatment involves exchanging three to seven liters of plasma each day, at a cost of $10,000 a day. This costly care may continue for several weeks or months.
From Christian Science Monitor
Carbon dioxide emissions do more than just trap heat in the atmosphere; CO2 also lowers the pH of the seawater, making it more acidic. Now, research suggests that this acidification could drastically transform the entire ocean food chain.
The Roberston-Johnson home in Birmingham's Southside, pictured here in 2011, houses ArtPlay, an arts education initiative of UAB's Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center. The Queen Anne Victorian home was built in 1896.
The challenge is to stifle the binding of inhibitory antibodies but retain activity of a blood enzyme.
The CF clinical trials expert will take the reins of the UAB Gregory Fleming James Cystic Fibrosis Center on Aug. 1.
Engineers at the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) have developed building panels they believe will make homes in the path of tornadoes safer and reduce deaths and injuries.
Athletic director Mark Ingram said the NCAA informed UAB that football play can resume at the Football Bowl Subdivision level beginning with the 2017 season. UAB would be eligible for postseason bowl competition, should it meet qualifying standards, as well as Conference USA championships.
Halli Williamson of Oneonta, a business and music student, is working with children in need and their families as an intern with Sozo Children this summer.
“The Right to Decide,” an international poster invitational organized by the group Posters Without Borders, will be on exhibition from Aug. 6-Nov. 14.
UAB alumna, Vestavia Hills High School science teacher, Marla Hines recognized for excellence in teaching
The tribute concert will feature a dozen musicians from Birmingham and around the Southeast together for one night to honor King’s legacy of blues.
Created by a team from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the panels are made up of a combination of thermoplastic and fiberglass resins and fibers, which makes them stronger than the steel used in many storm shelters.
In June, UAB’s tornado panels designed to protect against flying debris were installed as an integral component of a safe room in a new construction home in the Montgomery, Alabama area.
UAB's new panels can be retrofitted to existing houses or integrated into new builds, and offer protection even in the most extreme EF5 tornado – that is, in winds over 200 mph (321 km/h).
UAB research shows that phytoplankton, the foundation of all marine life, will experience varied growth rates due to ocean acidification levels during the next century.
1.25 million grant will be used to improve services and results for young children with disabilities and their families.
Narrowing of aortic arch, infant’s otherwise good health prompt physicians to move Baby JJ’s Glenn procedure up one month.

About half of American hospitals have some form of arts programming, usually art or music therapy. Now a growing number of medical centers — UAB Hospital is the first in Alabama — are implementing the more comprehensive AIM model.
Born in Dublin and raised on Irish junior golf, he just finished his senior year at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Last month, he finished fifth in the N.C.A.A. Division I championship. His caddie this week is Alan Murray, who was also his coach at U.A.B.
Officials say the clinic is run by the university's department of psychiatry and will begin seeing patients from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.
The university recently acquired the 20,000-square-foot medical office building at 728 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. S. from Paula LLC for $3 million, according to Jefferson County public records.
The University of Alabama-Birmingham golfer, who qualified for The Open for the second year in a row, even shared the lead after he birdied the first two holes to get off to a flying start in just the second group of the day and his status as an early joint leader.
Chair of the school's department of psychiatry and behavioral neurobiology James Meador-Woodruff said in a statement studies have shown an increased risk of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and suicide among LGBT people.
Paul Dunne, a native of Ireland, hopes to better relax during his second trip to The Open at St. Andrews. Last year, he missed the cut by two after shooting 75-73.
In Birmingham, debate has swirled about a 110-year-old monument to Confederate veterans that stands in Linn Park. At a June city council meeting, activist Frank Matthews had demanded that city leaders remove the obelisk.
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