women held only 27.5 percent  of jobs nationally across science and engineering fields as of 2010, according to the National Science Foundation. And it doesn't get better as you dig into the data. In engineering, women make up 12.7 percent  of the workforce. In healthcare, women make up 69.7 percent of medical and health services managers, but rarely attain chief executive positions.
From the quality of medical care to access to medical care to the ability to quickly quarantine infectious diseases, there are a lot of reasons the likelihood of an Ebola outbreak here in the U.S. is so small. But if someone exhibiting Ebola like symptoms did walk into UAB Hospital, doctors say they would be ready. Emergency rooms are always busy but with Ebola fears on everyone’s mind, the ER staff at UAB is ever vigilant.
Dr. Helen Krontiras doesn’t take lightly her role in helping women live through what can be the darkest times in their lives. And with the rapid advancements in breast cancer research and treatment, the co-director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Breast Health Center says she thinks a more personalized approach to women’s healthcare is more important than ever.
Shin J. Oh, MD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Neurology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Medicine, stated, "I am extremely pleased to see the results from the first ever Phase 3 controlled study in this LEMS patient population, which confirmed a positive treatment effect for Firdapse. When combined with the favorable safety profile, the results indicate that the drug should become the standard of care in treating LEMS patients once approved by the FDA."
"A stable energy source is fundamental to poverty alleviation, and poverty alleviation makes the world a safer place," said Henna Budhwani, Ph.D., Deputy Director of the UAB Sparkman Center for Global Health.
The Movi is a new chair engineered for use in a hospital or skilled-nursing facility, or potentially in the home as a mobility aid intended to serve as an alternative to a wheelchair.
GRADE investigators seek to enroll a cross-section of patients of any age, gender and ethnicity. The study will follow its participants for seven years and will provide them with complete diabetes care, as well as free supplies and medications, at no cost.
Dr. Andres Forero, left, researches breast cancer treatments from his lab at UAB and works closely with Breast Cancer Research Foundation founders Dolly O’Neal, middle, and Bruce Soko
The University of Alabama at Birmingham has plans to construct a new 105,000-square-foot facility to house its Collat School of Business.
Every school year brings dangerous trends — both new and reinvented — that you may be clueless about but that your middle schooler/high schooler is hearing about, considering or doing with classmates and friends. While not every teen’s brain struggles with impulsivity, many do, and even the most mature teenager is likely to take risks and be vulnerable to peer pressure.

The “Birmingham REACH for Better Health” partnership aims to increase the number of people with access to healthy food and physical activity opportunities.

Knowledge and expertise of the UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative to be on display at the White House Summit on fitness and disability.

Homecoming Week at UAB gets star-studded appearance.

The Outstanding Periodontal Educator Award recognizes Palcanis’ impact on teaching and educational innovation.

Boost practical skills for service and collaborative research during a half-day training and education event Oct. 10.
The $49 million grant will enhance services for students, parents and teachers in Alabama’s high-poverty Black Belt.
Research is inconclusive as to why SIDS occurs, but some articles have suggested there may be parental knowledge or compliance deficits.
Mash will speak at the department’s Music Convocation on Oct. 8. The midday lecture is open to the public.
UAB’s Yakov Kasman will perform the Tchaikovsky Trio as part of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s “Concertmaster and Friends” series Oct. 14.
The exhibitions “Symbols, Schemes, and Procedures: Works on Paper from the Permanent Collection,” “Comic Book Diplomacy” and “Quantum Harmonic Oscillator” will open Oct. 10.

“Clybourne Park” explores race relations and gentrification in surprising and wickedly funny ways, with the changing face of a Chicago neighborhood as backdrop.

See “The Laramie Project” Oct. 17, then hear Judy Shepard speak on the aftermath of her son’s murder and how people can make their communities safer for everyone.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) will celebrate homecoming week Oct. 5-11. Godfrey, a nationally known actor and comedian, will do a free show at the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center on Tues., Oct. 7 as part of homecoming festivities.
David Pigott, a doctor at the University of Alabama-Birmingham department of emergency medicine and member of the American College of Emergency Physicians, believes that news of the epidemic's spread from Liberia and Sierra Leone to neighboring Guinea and Nigeria has put most, if not all, U.S. health workers on notice.
The announcement heralding the upcoming  arrival of Smita Bhatia and Ravi Bhatia at the University of Alabama at Birmingham calls them a "powerhouse team" and, indeed, their credentials back that description up.
Faculty from The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Education and the state schools superintendent will be among 35 presenters at an upcoming autism conference designed for parents, educators and college students.
Birmingham-based MPT gives back to the community with a gift that will help build the new UAB Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and business building.
Research volunteers are needed for a UAB study to determine which combinations of Type 2 diabetes drugs work best for different groups of people.
A change in the interview process for applicants to the UAB School of Medicine — think speed dating for med school — will help officials better assess each applicant’s abilities.
An Alabama doctors' group has come out swinging in a humorous campaign to thwart what it says is an oppressive and expensive new medical coding system.
“The sales tax advantage enjoyed by online retailers who do not collect or remit use taxes that are owed is bad enough. The Marketplace Fairness Act and a level playing field is about much more than just sales and use tax revenue losses. Alabama and other states are losing jobs, household income, and retail enterprises as B2C e-commerce continues to grow. Our retail enterprises are not just moving from downtown to our suburbs; they are moving out-of-state, and those businesses will not support our communities in many significant ways, if at all.”
Movi is a replacement of the old-fashioned wheelchair. It is designed for use in a hospital or skilled-nursing facility, or even in the home as a mobility aid. It stems from recognition by University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System CEO Will Ferniany that traditional chairs do not meet the needs of modern hospitals.
The idea behind these programs, called “CAPTCHA” — for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart — is essentially to prevent robots from taking over the World Wide Web.
A grand opening was held at the new Student Health and Wellness Center at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB, Birmingham, Ala.). The 23,000-square-foot center is equipped with counseling space, exam rooms, laboratory spaces, an immunization area, X-ray room, waiting rooms, administrative areas and offices.
CVS has announced new clinical affiliations with University of Maryland Medical System, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Health System. Patients served at these academic medical centers will have access to services including clinical support, medication counseling and wellness programs at CVS' pharmacies and MinuteClinics in these areas.
The first two cohorts of Ed.S. students are organizing a conference in October aimed at helping answer everyday questions.
Internationally renowned husband and wife cancer researchers join UAB and showcase its  recruitment muscle
Work can be a dangerous place. That point was made clear in Birmingham this past week with two fatal workplace shootings on Tuesday that left four dead and an explosion at a steel plant Sunday that killed two workers and critically injured another.
"What we have seen in the last 15-20 years is that the companies most susceptible to violence are the ones with the least security measures in place," explains Jack Howard, associate dean at UAB's Collatt School of Business.
Movi is a replacement of the old-fashioned wheelchair. It is designed for use in a hospital or skilled-nursing facility, or even in the home as a mobility aid. It stems from recognition by University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System CEO Will Ferniany that traditional chairs do not meet the needs of modern hospitals.
Two entities will receive grants through the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) program, a CDC program that began in 1999. The Montgomery Area Community Wellness Coalition will receive $909,455; the University of Alabama at Birmingham will receive $943,212.
University and student health and wellness leaders gathered to cut the ribbon on a new facility that combines the Health Services medical clinic and Counseling Services to provide students a full range of primary care services
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; several local activities support the cause.
UAB clinical collaboration with CVS/pharmacy and MinuteClinic will increase access to care and help improve medication adherence for patients.
The Outstanding Periodontal Educator Award recognizes Palcanis’ impact on teaching and educational innovation.
School of Nursing’s Lynda Wilson, deputy director of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization Collaborating Center on International Nursing, will present as part of a casual lunch.
The Alabama Retail Association, along with the University of Alabama at Birmingham Collat School of Business, recognized 13 retail businesses in 48 Alabama cities and 12 other states as Retailers of the Year.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) will play host on Thursday to a unique traveling exhibition designed to call attention to the problem of suicide among college students.
Anyone who wishes to pick up some tips regarding the preservation or restoration of old books and manuscripts should attend a lecture at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) on Thursday by Gabrielle Fox, a fine-binding expert and book conservationist from Cincinnati, Ohio.
All who attended the meeting agreed there is a problem: In some states, a patient who needs an organ transplant can move up the waiting list quickly.
In others where donor organs are much more scarce, patients can die waiting.
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