Einstein's death 60 years ago was just the start of a strange journey for the most prized part of his anatomy, his brain. Stored in jars and on slides, it is still inspiring awe and scholarly research.
Wrong. Eating fat won’t make you fat, any more than eating money will make you rich.
A paper by University of Alabama at Birmingham cancer researcher Eddy S. Yang, M.D., Ph.D., and colleagues has found that a significant portion of one of the subtypes — called HER2-enriched or HER2+ — has elevated expression of two proteins called PARP1 and phospho-p65.
The funding is part of the AHA's Strategically Focused Research Network on hypertension, and a team of researchers at UAB's Hypertension Center will work on population health, clinical and basic science projects, and initiating a new training program for further hypertension researchers.
Bullock will perform a selection of works by John Cage, Francis Poulenc, Modest Mussorgsky, Samuel Barber, Richard Strauss and Harry T. Burleigh.
New research shows that in some cases, what looks like strep may really be another bacterial infection with the potential for deadly complications.
As the five-year anniversary of the worst oil spill in US history passes, many important questions remain unanswered.
UAB honors students head to Dubai, Paris and Washington D.C. for national and international studies thanks to scholarships and fellowships.
See an exhibition of works by Michael Velliquette and hear a chamber music concert featuring music by Ravel and Glass at this new, free event.
The American Nurses Credentialing Center honor is the most prestigious designation a health care organization can receive for excellence in nursing and patient outcomes.
Ragland is the visual media and outreach coordinator for the Department of Art and Art History, where he also teaches photography.

UAB Girls in Science and Engineering Day to be held Saturday, May 2.

Money raised from the annual fundraiser goes toward research and scholarships in the SOO.

UAB will receive funding from the AHA over the next four years to complete projects in population health, clinical and basic science, focused on high blood pressure.

Michael Saag, M.D., spreads message from first book to TEDxBirmingham attendees; says three lessons can help enact change.

Elevated PARP1 polymerase in HER2+ breast cancer may confer susceptibility to PARP inhibitor drugs.
"Ataxia is not a single disorder but a clinical description of abnormalities in coordination. Cerebellar ataxia is a syndrome with many causes (and) is not related to a single disease."
Studies reporting on 207 advanced cancer patients and 122 of their caregivers who participated in a trial called ENABLE III revealed benefits to patients who received care soon after diagnosis versus 12 weeks later.
New research from investigators at the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests that Corexit EC9500A, an oil-dispersal agent widely used in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, contributes to damage to epithelium cells within the lungs of humans and gills of marine creatures.
Sex is one of the most ambiguous areas in the scientific understanding of Alzheimer’s. While there are established methods of measuring memory, reasoning and the ability to dress, bathe and balance checkbooks, no widely used method exists for assessing the ability to consent to intimate relations.
Senior engineering students showcase their innovative solutions to industrial challenges.
Mixed-media, painting, photography, printmaking and ceramic works by Department of Art and Art History students will be on display at the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts.
Focused, clear, concise and mistake-free: That is what career specialist Wes Lybrand recommends for new grads to craft a job-winning resume.
UAB School of Public Health research published in the journal Obesity shows seeing, hearing and smelling others’ eating foods can cause low birthweight in offspring among mice.
The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center’s April 30 Fiesta Ball at Iron City will fund the work of UAB’s young cancer research scientists.
UAB beat out teams from universities including Dartmouth, UCLA, Georgetown and Rutgers to win national championship in bioethics.
At least 2,724 students will graduate this spring, and more than 1,200 are expected to participate in UAB’s two spring commencement ceremonies at Bartow Arena.
The goal of InnoHack 2015, sponsored by Baptist Health System and the UAB School of Health Professions, was to bring people together from outside and across the health professions to help devise solutions for some of those problems.
After last night, I have only great things to say about The University of Alabama at Birmingham theatre department and their production of AVENUE Q.
The federal government now faces a dilemma. It must either stick with its decades-old salt warning — that Americans consume too much of it — or retract it, and it must do so before issuing its Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2015 later this year. It must tell us how much sodium to eat, even if it doesn't know for sure.
For decades, Lawrence DeLucas has been demonstrating that space-grown protein crystals are superior to their Earth-bred counterparts. This summer, he'll announce results from the largest study of its kind, which is designed to settle the debate once and for all.
Janet M. Turan, Ph.D., associate professor in the UAB School of Public Health, has been awarded an R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health to complete the study.
The conference will feature lectures and panel discussions on innovation education in topics such as informatics, executive education, health care delivery, insurance, technology, global health and nursing management
Sadhvi Batra is one of only 40 winners nationwide for this fellowship, which begins May 25.
Nicole Rodriguez is the first UAB student to be selected for the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program.
The Alabama Health Care Improvement Task Force consists of doctors, government officials, medical school leaders and other medical professionals from around the state and aims to improve the shortage of medical services, especially in Alabama's rural areas.
From: DallasNews.com
Unknown to many shoppers urged to buy foods that are “low-sodium” and “low-salt,” this long-standing warning has come under assault by scientists who say that the typical American’s salt consumption is without risk.
Therapeutic anti-cancer vaccines developed to treat metastatic disease such as advanced prostate cancer or melanoma rarely have a noticeable effect on the tumor but have been associated with a statistically significant increase in patient survival.
Almost half of colorectal cancer (CRC) survivors with pain interference (PI) during the initial phase of care have continued PI post-treatment, according to a study published online March 20 in Pain Medicine.
A theoretical physician reimbursement model developed from a study out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests that certain incentives can reduce the spending and improve the quality of primary care.
Alabama's first two patients in the state-approved Carly's Law study conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham last week began taking an experimental marijuana-derived medication for treating severe seizures.
Living in a rural area was not a barrier to undergoing total ankle arthroplasty (TAA), and outcomes following TAA were not significantly different between residents of urban and rural areas, according to an analysis of a national database.
At least one member of the Delaware family poisoned while vacationing at a resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands in March was transported on a UAB medical jet, hospital officials said.
The VORLab will study the effects of injuries sustained in football and other contact sports on balance, eye movement and vision to improve diagnostic tools and promote recovery.
UAB physician chosen to lead state chapter of the American College of Physicians.
Corexit 9500—the dispersant most heavily used by BP to disperse oil in the Gulf of Mexico during the 2010 spill—may have caused lung damage in people involved in the cleanup process and gill damage to marine life.
The 10-student ensemble is invited to perform at the four-day conference, which features the world’s greatest trumpet and brass artists.
A standout player at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in his hometown between 1996 and 2000, [Torrey] Ward played professionally in China alongside Yao Ming before getting into coaching.
From Modern Medicine
While the authorities have not released details of Lubtiz’s visual or mental health diagnoses, Mark Swanson, OD, MSPH, associate professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry, says one such vision problem that can occur with mental health problems include conversion disorder, a condition in which patients show psychological stress in physical ways.
The study, appearing in the April issue of Health Affairs, examined Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's Physician Group Incentive Program, which uses a fee-for-value approach focused on primary care physicians.
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