UAB CFAR researchers awarded NIH funding to help support efforts for the president’s Ending the HIV Epidemic plan.
UAB’s School of Optometry has been training optometrists and helping patients for 50 years.
Cooper spent 40 years at UAB, where he made countless discoveries in immunology.
The procedure takes 30-45 minutes, and the patient is able to go home a few hours after it is over.
UAB tops 22,000 students for the first time in its history, featuring its largest and most academically accomplished freshman class.
The 7 p.m. outdoor concert is free and open to the public, but tickets will be required for entry. Tickets will be available Sept. 19 for UAB and Sept. 20 for the public.
A $2.7 million grant aims to make car seat installation help more accessible to parents and caretakers.
Menear and Feldman joined 63 other competitively selected women leaders from across the United States and Canada to partake in the intensive, residential leadership development program at Bryn Mawr.
These preclinical findings may have therapeutic potential for autoimmune diseases like lupus.
The gala is sponsored by the Research Civitan Club.
Undergraduate research students from across the country competed in UAB’s Summer Research Expo in July.
“At the core, I don’t want anyone else to lose their father so early in their lifetime. That drove me at the beginning to do the work I do today.”
The highest blood pressure amplification was found in patients with uncontrolled resistant high blood pressure.
What connected two people before pales in comparison to what connects them now.
 Carruthers’ book provides a framework for activists committed to building transformative power, and encourages young people to see themselves as visionaries and leaders.
BlazerPulse is an online platform launched in January to promote, organize and measure UAB’s impact in the community.
A UAB female student-athlete has been named a finalist for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award, recognizing her academic, athletic, leadership and community service success.
English language learners in the Greater Birmingham area are invited to take free classes to enhance their conversational skills at UAB.
Knowing if — and when — their child needs braces is key for parents.
UAB researchers have found a previously unknown gene variant that appears to contribute to movement disorders.