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Dennis Stanek named UAB Medicine emergency management director

  • January 17, 2012

UAB Medicine has named Dennis Stanek its Emergency Management Director.

Dennis Stanek, previous UAB Hospital Safety Manager, was recently named UAB Medicine Emergency Management Director. In his new role, Stanek carries out preparedness activities at the UAB Medicine level, including coordinating the development and maintenance of emergency response plans for each medicine entity.

This is a new position developed as a result of UAB’s emergency management organizational effectiveness initiative. Stanek, a UAB Hospital employee since 1995, has more than 22 years of experience supervising environment-of-care and emergency management programs. His primary focus areas are University Hospital, The Kirklin Clinic, Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital and Health System employees.

Stanek serves as the primary point of contact for UAB Health System executives and coordinates the use of emergency support functions. He works with all emergency management teams to facilitate communication and coordination to continue to provide the best possible care and treatment of patients in the event of an emergency.