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Alexandrov named editor-in-chief of new neuroscience journal

  • February 09, 2011

UAB neurologist will edit open access journal focusing on neurology, neuroscience, psychiatry and psychology.

Andrei Alexandrov, M.D., head of the UAB Comprehensive Stroke Research Center, is the editor-in-chief of a new open access journal on neuroscience. Wiley Open Access is a series of journals publishing primary peer-reviewed research in a range of broad-based subject disciplines in the life and biomedical sciences, including neuroscience, microbiology ecology and evolution. Alexandrov will edit Brain and Behavior, which will focus on neurology, neuroscience, psychiatry and psychology. 

The new journals are being launched in collaboration with a group of international professional and scholarly societies with which Wiley currently partners. Each journal will appoint an editor-in-chief and editorial board responsible for ensuring that all articles are rigorously peer-reviewed, and each journal will be offered with the full functionality of Wiley Online Library.