September 15, 2017

Peters to serve as president of Alabama Association of Professors of Educational Leadership

Written by: Tiffany Westry

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gary peters 2017Gary Peters, Ph.D., has been elected 2017-2018 president of the Alabama Association of Professors of Educational Leadership.

The AAPEL is nonprofit professional society created to promote continuous dialogue among educational leadership professors, explore research to make distinctive contributions to the field, and examine strengths and weaknesses of educational leadership programs. The AAPEL is made up of 13 institutions.

Peters is an associate professor of educational leadership in the UAB School of Education Department of Human Studies. His research focuses on cultural factors underlying leadership processes; organizational behavior from the perspective of individuals, groups and the organization as a whole; and leadership in crisis situations. Peters was a resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast during Hurricane Katrina. His experiences during this time allowed him to examine crisis leadership and its organizational function in post-disaster recovery efforts. 

Peters previously served as 2016-2017 vice president of the AAPEL.

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