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UAB will be a fundamental player in the Alabama jurisdiction of the program, which has just five awardees, with primary goals of improving scientific research and building workforce capacity.
An enthusiastic teacher and a fascinating topic lit his desire to learn. Now the veteran is building bone scaffolding with a three-dimensional bioprinter.
Undergraduate research opportunity attracts students from across the United States.
An interdisciplinary team that includes Engineering, the Collat School of Business, and the College of Arts and Sciences is reaching for new heights to make UAB’s team a perennial contender.
The public is invited to come to campus on Wednesday, April 19 and Friday, April 21 to meet the students and to see how they are engineering solutions to real-world challenges.
UAB and VICIS have each made major strides in developing next generation football helmets in response to the growing concussion crisis, and they have partnered to combine expertise and intellectual property to bring more effective helmets to the market.
Two UAB professors, Amber Genau, Ph.D., and Nicole Riddle, Ph.D., will receive funding from an elite program honoring young researchers.
Local schools participated in UAB’s student-run engineering and materials design competition.
A resin developed at the Materials Processing and Applications Development center is replacing the metal ring typically used to prevent cracks from furthering down an elephant’s tusk.

A product designed by UAB engineers to help save lives during natural disasters is approved for use.

Senior engineering students showcase their innovative solutions to industrial challenges.
Teachers and industry experts from across the country aim to advance STEM initiatives in schools at this 38th annual event.
The University of Alabama System Board of Trustees approve new endowments, promotions and programs during its Feb. 7 meeting.
Ning teaches courses in materials characterization and testing, manufacturing processes and finite element analysis.

The conference and exhibits will focus on developments in defense, power, energy, transportation, infrastructure and emerging applications.

A graduate student and seven undergraduates were recognized.

The annual event features students from the school’s five departments performing skits and conducting interactive experiments.

Recycled materials may become armor against flying debris.

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