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Susanne Fogger, DNP 

Opioid abuse and treatment • Chronic pain management • Veterans' mental health • Addiction treatments • Mental health 

S. Justin Thomas, Ph.D. 

Sleep • Sleep research and treatment  Sleep trends • Circadian rhythm 

Thomeer McBride, Ph.D.

Psychology • Mental health • Socal issues  

UAB clinical psychologist Josh Klapow, Ph.D., provides tips for college students experiencing homesickness.

UAB researchers find spiritual coping a predictor of mental health in chronically ill youth; recommend clinicians assess spirituality.

UAB study finds majority of older adults rate themselves as excellent drivers though one in four had a wreck in previous five years.

Honors student and incoming School of Medicine first-year receives award.

Milby will be professor emeritus of psychology.

Professor and associate director of the UAB Aging Center will hold an endowed chair in psychology.

UAB psychology professor will sign copies of his neuroscience primer Saturday.

Wyss awarded the highest honor given by the Alabama Academy of Science.

UAB Honors Program has 2 of 15 students chosen for national scholarship to conduct neuroscience and pharmacology research.