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Stage a “practice run” before your child goes off to school, a UAB professor says.
Persistence and sacrifice are central to success, says UAB expert who competed on the world stage as a teen.
Create a plan to make learning fun and get a leg up on the next school year so summertime fun doesn’t result in learning loss.
UAB health experts say you can shed some pounds for the summer by making simple — but safe — changes.
Skimping on nutrition and proper sleep can blur your child’s focus on schoolwork, professor says.
From a new book of poetry by UAB assistant professor Adam Vines to stories by Southern writers to a novel about a woman working at an alligator-wrestling theme park, these books will move you. 
Summer camp should combine enrichment and fun, one UAB professor says.
UAB expert says putting your money in the bank is not much better than burying it in the ground. His advice: Buy a house.
For the unemployed, a temporary job is a chance to showcase talents and lobby for permanent work.
UAB wellness expert offers tips on cutting calorie corners while celebrating.
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