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Summer camp should combine enrichment and fun, one UAB professor says.
UAB expert says putting your money in the bank is not much better than burying it in the ground. His advice: Buy a house.
For the unemployed, a temporary job is a chance to showcase talents and lobby for permanent work.
UAB wellness expert offers tips on cutting calorie corners while celebrating.
Shopping is overtaking eating as the national pastime for Thanksgiving. Are shoppers being urged to gorge themselves unnecessarily?
Natural disasters made 2011 a loss-filled year. A UAB psychologist says plan ahead and don’t over commit.
Do you dread the dead or kill for the thrill? Real fear lies in the reality of the scare, UAB psychologist says.
More than unemployment or new home sales, UAB expert says Halloween is key indicator of how robust the holiday season will be for retailers.
Supermarkets, drugstores and neighbors display tombstones, ghosts and vampires; simple steps help protect your child from being scared to leave the house.
Are sports-crazed parents driving their kids to drop the ball? One UAB professor says maybe so.
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