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Supermarkets, drugstores and neighbors display tombstones, ghosts and vampires; simple steps help protect your child from being scared to leave the house.
Are sports-crazed parents driving their kids to drop the ball? One UAB professor says maybe so.
A football addiction can be detrimental to relationships, but can be extinguished with simple steps.
Children need interested, involved parents to ensure they are on a path to academic success.
Adolescents who struggle to stay on task, are inflexible and have a negative mood are more at-risk for peer-influence on antisocial behavior.
UAB economist recommends previous taboo ways to keep your back-to-school budget out of detention.
Sixty percent of kids feel tired at school and 15 percent fall asleep; adolescents need nine solid hours, but most are sleep deprived.
UAB expert helps families deal with the stress of starting school.
Don’t wait for school bells to jolt kids back into school-year habits, says UAB psychologist Josh Klapow.
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