BSN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the steps in the application process to university as an undergraduate straight out of high school?

A: A high school student applies to the university as a pre-nursing major at Undergraduate Admissions.

Q:  Does a transfer student apply to UAB the same way as a high school student?
A: A transfer student applies to the university and receives similar advising from the pre-nursing advisors.

Q: Does pre-nursing advisement occur after admission to UAB?
A: When students attend the summer orientation, they receive their first meeting with the pre-nursing advisors to determine their courses for registration.

Q: Do most students live in on-campus housing?
A: The university houses more than half of the freshmen in on-campus housing. Some students commute to campus each day, and others live in the surrounding community. A visit to campus will allow you to see the great facilities and growing campus.

Q: Where does a nursing student attend their clinical?
A: The nursing students attend clinical in a variety of clinical settings and the clinical experience is part of a matching course involving the classroom instruction.

Q: What is the nursing certification exam, NCLEX, pass rate?
A: The UAB School of Nursing first-attempt pass rate is listed on the Alabama Board of Nursing's web page at

Q: What are the employment opportunities after graduation?
A: After graduation, a typical class has a handful students pursuing a BSN to PhD education and most students pursue an entry nursing position after passing the NCLEX.

Q: How long is the bachelor’s in nursing program?
A: Once accepted into the upper division as a nursing student (approximately sixty semester credit hours), the program is typically five continuous semesters long. This includes summer session.

Q: Do you provide preparation for NCLEX?
A: The school has purchased the ATI program to help prepare our nursing students for the NCLEX. The ATI provides sample questions that equate to the level required for the NCLEX.

Q: What is the minimum grade point average, GPA, required for admission?
A: For application to the School of Nursing, a student must at a minimum have an overall GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.

Q: What test is required for admission?
A: For admission into the university, either the ACT or SAT are acceptable entrance exams. For admission into the School of Nursing, no specific test is required.

Q: Can I attend the undergraduate nursing program as a part-time student or in the evening?
A: The undergraduate bachelor’s nursing program is a full-time program that meets primarily during the day both in classrooms and clinical sites.

Q: Can I apply to the School of Nursing if I am currently enrolled in my last semester of prerequisite classes?
A: Students may apply if they are completing their last semester of prerequisites. The grades for the classes must be submitted to the School of Nursing the day the grades post at the end of the semester, prior to being allowed to start nursing school.