BSN Program Outcomes

The BSN Curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for entry into professional nursing practice. This foundation offers both academic and professional nursing courses that provide the base for clinical competence and informed judgments about health care situations and care of patients in both in- and out-patient settings. The curriculum prepares nurses to:

  • Apply knowledge from diverse liberal arts educational content to generalist nursing care principles and practice experiences.
  • Incorporate a basic understanding of organizational systems and the application of knowledge and skills needed to provide safe, quality care to individual patients and to function as part of an interprofessional team.
  • Participate in and utilize structure, process, and outcome measures to evaluate the implementation of patient safety and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic elements of the evidence-based practice and participates in the retrieval, appraisal, and application of best practices.
  • Demonstrate skills in the ethical use of healthcare information communication technology (ICT) and how technology supports safe practice and examination of patient data for outcome analysis.
  • Demonstrate understanding of healthcare policy, advocacy, global health, legal, and regulatory issues as factors that may influence healthcare delivery and practice.
  • Utilize effective intra and interprofessional communication skills to advocate for evidence-based, holistic care as a member of the healthcare team.
  • Assess determinants of health in relation to multiple factors (genetics, environmental exposure, family history, individual health, and health preferences) to guide and advocate for the delivery of health promotion/disease prevention strategies.
  • Apply knowledge of nursing history, nursing standards, and one’s own beliefs and values to the application of professional nursing behaviors, communication, and actions.
  • Practice safe, evidence-based, compassionate, holistic, and patient and family centered care applying knowledge of leadership and healthcare delivery for individuals and communities.